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I am looking for an alternative imaging software to Symantec's System Restore. I find their 2011 version leaves a bad taste in my mouth and would like some suggestions. I am only needing to backup 5 physical servers and would prefer to use a backup solution that uses a management console to centrally manage all the servers from. I am currently testing Acronis's solution and find myself wanting to like it but I am finding too many quarks. If possible I would like to find a solution that also has a good backup to tape solution and powershell comandlet support but the tape or powershell support are not deal breakers. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Acronis is an excellent product.

You could also evaluate Computer Associates ArcServe.  They have been around a long time and have a mature product.
AppAssure,Paragon,Storagecraft and NovaStor are all decent products with evals that are downloadable.
KPERSAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions, have any of you tried these products? I am looking for first had recommendations. I did try Paragon last year and was not very impressed, but if they keep add functionality and revamp there management system they may have something.
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I have used older versions of ArcServe and they have worked very well.

I am not currently using it because I am using Veeam for my virtual infrastructure.
I work for EMC and support NetWorker.  It does everything you ask, and it's a good product.
KPERSAuthor Commented:
Yeah we use Veeam for our virtuals and love it, never had an issue with it and you can have it up and running under 15 minuets! Now I just need a good solution for the five remaining physical boxes and then a good way to get both the physical images and Veeam backups to tape each day. I will have to check out those suggestions, I appreciated you guys taking the time to suggest good options.
What you can do is use Acronis to do a P2V backup to the SAN which houses your virtual infrastructure.

That way you only need to worry about backing your SAN to tape.

In the event of a failure with a physical box, you could bring up the VM backup in your virtual infrastructure until your physical box is back up.  Then you could use Acronis to to a V2P restore.  This will minimize any downtime to your services which rely on your physical boxes.
Well Storage Craft has some pretty neat technology that,in addition to being able to mount an image and recover files,allows you to boot the image as a usable virtual machine using Sun's virtual box(free).

That's right ,you can boot the backup image and run it in production and when you recover the hardware server,it then re-syncs the files

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Veeam is able to do the same thing and the person asking the question already has Veeam in place.
KPERSAuthor Commented:
Well pgm554 dose have an interesting solution, it is 40 megs and takes less than a minuet to install and the same amount of time to setup a backup job. I had the thing downloaded and setup with a full backup ran of the server I installed it on in about 5 minuets! Now I just need to figure out how to do a bare metal restore with it. It is so simple that there must be something wrong with it I just need to keep looking, but man for a basic backup solution this is neat.
KPERSAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for your recommendations, I spent a little time with each backup solution and for our basic needs I found Storage Craft to be a neat peace of technology just like pgm554 said. It was so easy to setup a caveman can do it. It was so intuitive to an IT admin such as myself that it just takes minuets to understand the underline features and how they work. I see it as the Veeam for physicals in the way that is a pleasure to use it and I don't want to pull out my hair trying to set it up.
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