DHCP Scope

I need to expand or add another scope to dhcp, running server 2003r2
Current scope is -
the - is used for static ips
my next available scope is -

I created a superscope and tried adding my new scope but I get the message "the address range and mask conflict with an existing scope"

Can I remove my current scope from superscope without deleting that scope?
how do I add the next scope? Can I add a superscope?
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what is the subnet mask you have for the existing scrope?
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
It's true the new scope - depending on how it's masked - would encapsulate your existing scope.  

That said, there's no reason you can't simply delete the existing scope and create a new one.  Just make sure the mask allows all the nodes to communicate with each other.
Stelian StanIT Services ManagerCommented:
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bigfish99Author Commented:
my mask is
Ok. did you also tried to check with some different ip address range?
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
If your mask is you certainly don't need a superscope.  Also, you should be able to assign -, -, or whatever you like right up to 172.21.254.x...
bigfish99Author Commented:
I tried using - as a test and got the same message
shouldnt I be able to use -, with the mask?
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Yes, which is why I'm suspicious about that being the mask.  As you have it, is the network number.  You should be able to assign hosts anywhere from on up.
you actually don't require a superscope.. as you mask is of .. it opens the complete subnet of 172.21.x.x ...
you should reduce your subnet to with the specific subnet and then do it.
so 172.21.3.x and 172.21.4.x .. this should be the way.
bigfish99Author Commented:
I am positive that is our subnet mask
OK. then you dont require any more DHCP scope.. it has huge list of number of devices which can be their actually 65534 devices... i am not sure if you have more than these devices which you are from DHCP.
bigfish99Author Commented:
last question, then I need to walk away from this for a little while
If I remove my current scope from superscope, will it return it to a normal scope or will it delete it?

I dont want to delete the scope at this point?
bigfish99Author Commented:
If I dont need any more scope, then how do I allow dhcp to lease more addresses?
currently - is almost out of addresses, I need to skip 172.21.2.. and 172.21.3.. , need the address to come from 172.21.4..
bigfish99Author Commented:
Do make a new scope with a range - and exlude the 172.21.2.. and 172.21.3 addresses?
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
"Do make a new scope with a range - and exlude the 172.21.2.. and 172.21.3 addresses?"

That's certainly one, perfectly valid, way to do it.
Ramakrishna PrabhuNetwork EngineerCommented:
With you can have 65534 hosts!!

Which means the ip addresses which will be available to you will start from and end at

You want to exclude - and -

Keeping the above things in mind.

Increase the end ip of your scope to and reserve ip's from to

This will give you - and -

This is what you can do unless you change your subnet mask, which might need changes in the associated devices as well.
bigfish99Author Commented:
reserve ip's from to ?  or
reserver ips - ??

aslo, If I remove my current scope from superscope, will it return it to a normal scope or will it delete it?

I dont want to delete the scope at this point?
Ramakrishna PrabhuNetwork EngineerCommented:
reserve ips -

that was a typo, if you reserve till 3.255, then net available address will be

You can remove the scope from the superscope and it will delete the superscope but not the current scope.

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