Smart Array 5i error 1788 recover from hitting f2

I have a HP DL380 G3 with a smart array 5i, recently the cache died on it and I had to replace it, when the raid came up I got the 1788 error
*1788 - Incorrect Drive Replaced: Drive X Drive(s) were incorrectly replaced: Drive Y Select "F1" to continue - drive array will remain disabled. Select "F2" to reset configuration - all data will be lost.
and I hit f2 by mistake, is there any way to undo this or is all the data gone
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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It certainly won't have overwritten the data on the disks, just the metadata that holds the configuration. Very strange thing to happen from replacing cache though, even second hand cache with data in it would be blank after a fw seconds without power.

Safest thing if you haven't got a backup is to use RAID reconstructor from to de-stripe the data. For that you'll need a non-RAID controller so you can image each disk onto a disk file and enough space for the image files and resultant data.

If you are 100% confident of how the original disks and RAID were laid out (including stripe size) then you could just re-create a new array and the data would still be there, but if you get it wrong it'll make recovery harder.
Call HP,it's free and the server tech support unit is actually fairly competent(unlike the consumer side)
inforsystemsAuthor Commented:

I tried the RAID reconstructor but i could not get past step 2 the analyze button remained greyed out do I have to buy the program to get that available?

I tried calling HP support and they where no help, they just read off what the error 1788 was and thought they were done.
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Have you put the disks on a non-RAID controller and are you using the disks themselves or image files?
So HP has gone the route of the consumer side of things.

I wish they would put in a tech person as CEO at HP already,as they need to get back to what the founders had envisioned in the first place.

As for the RR program,as mentioned before ,you need to run it off of a non RAID  controller.

Were the drives originally plugged into a hot swap back plane or were they cabled?
inforsystemsAuthor Commented:
Hello andyalder,
I will be using the disk themselves. I got the analyze button to work, i was able to analyze but it looks like I will have to buy the product if I want to actually make use of the data I got out the of the analyze, we will see if my boss will go for it
You're much safer imaging the raw disks first, admittedly recovery tools aren't likely to write over the source disks deliberately but you never know when another one might fail or you might drop it.

I don't think it's fair to blame HP support or the controller for not being able to get out of the mess, if they tell you to do something and it leads to data loss it's their fault, if that gets programmed into the firmware that's their fault too. The only safe way is to get a safe copy of the raw data and then shuffle it around until it looks like something sensible.

It's a rare error message to see in the wild although it's simple to simulate in the lab, you write junk over the metadata and the controller can't make sense of it and goes into a panic. It's coped for about 10 years though and sounds to be recoverable at some cost.
inforsystemsAuthor Commented:
I have yet to get approval to buy the software, it might take a while to happen so going to close the question thanks for all the advise
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