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Can someone please tell me which version of Norton ghost or Acronics, can I run off (boot off) a floppy disk?

I need to image(ghost) a few old old machines that only have floppy drives on them. No CD drives or network connections.

please & thank you
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newmathConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ghost 5 is old. I have no idea where you'd get it. But I like n2fc's solution. Just pull the drive out and use something like ODIN or Acronis.
Ghost 5.
MrMayAuthor Commented:
any idea if I can download that version anywhere? I can't even find it using goggle.
If the machines are that old then they probably have hard drives under a GB...

Might be easier to pull the hard drives and attach to another machine for imaging purposes!
shahzoorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
take the harddisk out of the old machines
connect it via external IDE Sata USB enclosure
Use any latest imaging software
i would prefer using Acronis :)
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