Unable to launch citrix apps by double-clicking on files

Out of the blue this morning Citrix users are reporting that they can no longer open office documents by double clicking on the files they wish to view.  Instead the file association dialog opens asking which application to use.  We are running presentation server 4.5.  They can launch the application and browse to the file to open it.  There is an associated error on the ZDC:

Event ID 0:  Your server farm is not licensed to support workspace control. This message was reported from the Citrix XML Service at address http://citrix-zdc:8080 [com.citrix.xml.NFuseProtocol.RequestReconnectSessionData].  [Log ID: d6cbe194]

Is there anything I can do during the day to resolve the error?
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I wound up republishing the apps which solved the problem, kind of strange.
Elmar KoschkaIT System EngineerCommented:
Witch editon you have? In standard is this option disabled....
Dirk KotteSECommented:
check your presentation server for licensing-errors.
set the server edition on the XML brokers to other than now, reboot, set them back to you edition, reboot, and the errors may went away.
shutdown IMA service and do "DSMAINT /recreatelhc"  (restart IMA)
Disable workspace control in the web interface console.
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Solved my own problem
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