Why do I get boot options at startup and how do I fix it to boot Windows 7 automatically?

When I power up my laptop I get a choice of booting to a previous version of windows, windows 7, and F12 for more  advanced options. It has been doing this for 2 years since upgrading to windows 7.  I only want it to boot directly into windows 7. Since I have been getting this options from the time of windows 7 installation, is it possible the installation was done incorrectly?  Windows 7 does operate correctly.
Thank you,
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change your preference here:

msconfig -> boot
Another utility you can use is bcdedit.
jdalskeAuthor Commented:
I did check my system configs before and it shows that the option is windows 7 current os. I did see something about the windows.old files and deleting them but if that is an option please confirm. I was a little apprehensive about deleting them without confirmation that it may be part of the problem.
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I wouldn't delete the old Windows instance. Change the timeout to 3 seconds so you will barely notice the default OS starting up.

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You need to lower the delay between the display and the system continues to boot from 30 seconds to 5.
Properties of computer, advanced settings, startup options, and lower the delay.

It is unclear whether the issue is the length of time that it takes for the system to continue to boot or if you do nothing it will not eventually boot. Make sure the correct version is selected as the default to boot.
jdalskeAuthor Commented:
Great idea!  I noticed but the end user may not. Why would I keep the windows.old file?
Just in case you wanted to refer to something in the old OS.
rtayIT DirectorCommented:
If you do want to ever delete it, after you are sure you no longer need the files, make sure to use disk cleanup to remove the old instance rather than manually deleting it.
jdalskeAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
You're welcome.
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