Remote Desktop Multi-Monitor issues

I have a user who accesses our 2008R2 RDS server from an XP machine with dual monitors. I have enable the "/span" switch on her connection so she can utilize both monitors. She also accesses the RDS server from her laptop which has a single monitor.

The problem arisses when she moves a program over to the second monitor while in /span. Then later she tries to access that same program in RDS from her laptop and the program opens in a location she can't see on that second monitor.

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Make sure she doesn't have any invalid monitors configured in Screen Resolution.
I believe that would be because  the 'span' setting is being applied to the laptop. Is she using the same shortcut from both machine? If so, try creating a separate shortcut for each machine.
mjj28Author Commented:
  Just checked. No invalid Monitors. I should also note that this also happened on my laptop when i tried to access the program and fix it for her today. It was only by using another dual monitor computer that i was able to fix it.

  Nope different shortcuts.

Is there a way to force start the program in a certain location?
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Is the session being disconnected, or is she 'logging off'. I've seen this cause issues before with the size of the rdp window, but not sure it applies to a spanned window.
Does it happen with all programs that are left in the other window, or just one particular program?
mjj28Author Commented:
Just verified that It happens even when using the "log off" button. Also, you suspicion is correct. It is only one program. The program is called "Needles".
Darius GhassemCommented:
You must be running Windows 7. Windows XP does not support multiple monitors within RDP
mjj28Author Commented:
You are correct. Windows XP does not support true dual monitors. However, you can use the /span switch when starting up.
See the "monitor spanning" section in the following link.
Boyd (HiTechCoach) Trimmell, Microsoft Access MVPDesigner and DeveloperCommented:
With most windwos apps, it uyou give the app the focus (even if you can;t see it)  you can press alt-space bar to open the control menu (upper left cornet) then select Move. Use the Arrow keys to move the app into view. You many need to Restore the app so it is not full screen before moving it.

With 2008R2 RDS server you may also be able to use Windows key and the arrow keys to move the app into view like way you can do it with Windows 7.

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Or just tell the users not to move that app to the other window ;)
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