Size of monitor for standard rack mount bay.

I have a couple of standard 19" racks in my office.  Each is used for different purposes.  Both have KVM's and internal monitors.  One monitor died and I need a replacement.  I found the smallest LCD monitor available locally and it doesn't fit.  That one was a 20" monitor, but I figured since monitor sizes are measured diagonally it would work.  Not.

The space available for this monitor bay is 13.5" by 16.75".  None of the specs seem to provide size by height and width.  Can anyone tell me what monitor size I need to fit this space?

Just FYI, I really don't want other options.  I work with these racks both locally and remotely already.  I just need a monitor.  

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Lots of options.

Just do a Google search for:
rack mount kvm monitor

You will get over 1.5 million hits.
I like Raritan and Belkin for KVM equipment.
RGRodgersAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that but I wasn't clear.  My bad.

I don't want to buy a rack-mount monitor.  They are tres expensive.  I just want a basic small LCD monitor that fits in my rack's bay built for that purpose.  I am looking to spend $100 give or take and no more.

Thanks for you response...RG
17" LCD fits well.
That is what I used before getting a rack mount KVM.

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RGRodgersAuthor Commented:
Good, that's where I am looking.  I will find one and try it.  Thanks...RG
Don't forget to mark as accepted solution.  :-)

RGRodgersAuthor Commented:
Surely, once it fits...  Thanks...RG
Refurbished NEC MultiSync 1970NX, $83 shipped, from TigerDirect's ebay store.

Those measure 13.125'' x 16.25''
RGRodgersAuthor Commented:
Well that would be great!  I ordered a 17" but can cancel and order this one.  Can you tell me how you got the measurements?  Thanks...RG
I measured one I have, along the top edge and one side... but I was standing behind it and forgot the onscreen display menu buttons on the bottom edge.
That sticks out an extra half inch, so in the middle it actually measures 13.625''
NEC 1970NX OSD buttons

That might be a deal-breaker for you.
Mine just sits on a shelf on the top of my relay rack; it doesn't fold down and slide in like a drawer.
RGRodgersAuthor Commented:
Ah, yes, but what about the stand?  Bummer.  Thanks, though...RG
I have an idea which may work depending upon the amount of room in your rack.

Instead of sitting monitor on a shelf in the rack, you could use a VESA mount and put the monitor on the rack door.  It could be on either the inside or outside of the rack.  You could also mount the keyboard under the monitor.  You would need to use a keyboard with an integrated trackpad or something similar.  We use this configuration in production areas that don't have a lot of room.
I do the samething, use a 17inch monitor as opposed to buying a rack monitor.  But I mount them using something like this

I mount it on the inside of the rail.
With this I can actually  pull the LCD out of the rack giving me easy access to the inside of the rack.

I walked around the office until I found someone with a 17inch monitor on their desk and traded them for a 20inch.
RGRodgersAuthor Commented:
I did consider that as a backup option.  It'd be best if I can just drop a monitor in there as it really isn't used much.  Most access is remote, by far.  Thanks...RG
The stand on the 1970NX is removable (four #2 phillips screws), exposing standard VESA mounting holes.

Sorry - I assumed you already had a rack mount, since you said the monitor died (not that its mount had broke).

MultiSync 1970NX user manual
RGRodgersAuthor Commented:
Okay, this will work.  Product ordered.  Question closed.  Please.
Edit: apparently of no use to asker.
RGRodgersAuthor Commented:
What I need is a new monitor, not a mount or a stand.  I do appreciate all comments.  Thanks...RG
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