Mysql hardening and db security

I have my questions with customer with db hardening with Mysql, do anyone here have any best practices
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InsoftserviceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Normally we do the fix in my.cnf /ini files .
please view the links
try out
designatedinitializerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Change mysql 'root' user password;
2. Disable remote access to mysql server;
3. Always create a db user for each db, and always grant that said user only the privileges needed on a daily basis. For instance, 99% of web applications won't be needing to ALTER, CREATE or DROP tables;
4. Use transactions;
5. Always encrypt passwords and sensitive information;
6. Use unreversible encryption (e.g. MD5) for passwords;
7. Log all errors;
8. Sanitize all input before performing your queries;
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