Trying to correct if then else statement in Excel 2007

Would really appreciate assistance please.  

I am trying to correct the following formula in a spread sheet using Excel 2007:

=IF(AND(E2>$I$3,E2<=$J$3),”Spring 2011”,IF(AND(E2>=$I$4,E2<=$J$4),"Summer 2011",IF(AND(E2>=$I$5,E2<$J$5),"Fall 2011",IF(AND(E2>=$I$6,E2<=$J$6),"Spring 2012",IF(AND(E2>=$I$7,E2<=$J$7),"Summer 2012",IF(AND(E2>=$I$8,E2<=$J$8),"Fall  2012","From a Semester prior to 2011"))))))

the syntax checks out, but ai keep getting the last statement "From a Semester prior to 2011" in each and every cell.

I should not be getting:  "From a Semester prior to 2011"  at all.  all dates in column E are in 2011 or 2012.

My date column and column I and J have the same format of date
This is what I have set up in columns I and J:

row         I                        J    
3      01/01/2011      05/31/2011
4      06/01/2011      07/31/2011
5      08/01/2011      12/31/2011
6      01/01/2012      05/31/2012
7      06/01/2012      07/31/2012
8      08/01/2012      12/31/2012

Date data in E2 through E10


The formula above, is written in column H which is blank, but the way the formula is written now, it prints:  "From a Semester prior to 2011.  Thank you for your assistance.
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Here you are mate file attached with working formula:

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barry houdiniCommented:
Much simpler with a LOOKUP formula. Assuming no dates  are later than 2012 you can use the setup suggested by OCDan, with corrected years in column J then use this formula in G3 copied down

=IFERROR(LOOKUP(E3,H$3:J$8),"From a semester prior to 2011")

regards, barry
mtroutAuthor Commented:
Thank you Both OCDan and berryhoudinifor the responses. The one you corrected for me OCDan worked best for me and I can understand it.  Thank you both again.
mtroutAuthor Commented:
Question for you OCDan, Please.   I should have tested the formula in my spreadsheet before responding.  It did not work.   I checked the data type, seems like it's date to me. What else could be wrong?  Other than a column change, the formula seem the same.  What have I done incorrectly?  File (brief version) attached.  Thank you so much.  I can open a new call if that is needed, just let me know.
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