Exchange 2010 Attachments - Winmail.dat ?

Exchange 2010 Server running on Server 2008 R2
Outlook 2010 Client running on Win XP Pro SP3
We send and receive mail for multiple domains ( & DOMAIN2.COM)

When the user sends an email from her Outlook using the DOMAIN1.COM account to my external email account (earthlink) with an attachment, it gets changed to a winmail.dat file.

When she sends the same file from her Outlook using the DOMAIN2.COM account, I receive it in tact, just like I should.

Changed the Outlook setting from HTML to Plain Text, did not change the result.

We do have A/V scanning on our firewall, but if it was affecting attachments it would cause a problem no matter which account they were being sent from.

I await some help...
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tech911Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I just figured it out...

If you turn off use RICH TEXT, that fixes the problem.

To do this

Organization > Hub Transport > Remote Domains (right click, properties)
Message format tab
Check the box "Never Use Rich Text"

That's it.
This should answer your question.
tech911Author Commented:
This is referencing the IMC, I don't believe Exchange uses it anymore, but I could be wrong?

Also - I have more data
DOMAIN1.COM is an SMTP account while DOMAIN2.COM is a POP account, not sure if that will help.
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tech911Author Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

Accepted answer: 0 points for tech911's comment #37789439

for the following reason:

See the solution I posted in the previous post.  I put instructions for the fix in the post so that someone else could use it.
I already gave this answer in the KB article I referred you too.

KB138053 which tells you it is sending RTF information in the winmail.dat fileand the options are as follows.

"Configuring the Internet Mail Connector (IMC)
An administrator can configure the IMC with RTF options in the following manner:
Open the Internet Mail Connector Properties page.
Click the General tab.

The Send Microsoft Exchange Rich Text list box controls the sending of rich-text data. There are three values to choose from:
If the value is set to User, the recipient properties are used to determine whether or not to send RTF information.
If the value is set to Always, RTF information is always sent, regardless of the recipient properties.
If the value is set to Never, RTF information is never sent."
tech911Author Commented:
There is no IMC in Exchange 2010

The article was of zero value since I think it was referencing Exchange 2000 or SBS2000

You don't get points unless you help in some way.

You didn't help and you don't get the points - that is non-negotiable, sorry.
tech911Author Commented:
As soon as I saw it was talking about the IMF, I stopped reading, thus I never got anything about rich text, thus, no help was received.  Which comment would you like me to mark as my accepted solution, the one with the solution or the one giving him no credit?

Please advise.
tech911Author Commented:
See posts for more info.
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