Unable to Create a new Permissions Group SP 2010

I am attempting to create a new permissions group which I have been able to do in the past.  I should be set up as a site collection admin.  When I hit the option "Create Group" I get the screen to create a new group but clicking "Create" does nothing, it just stays on the page.  I also notice that I am unable to edit the "About Me" field which seems to indicate something is wrong (screenclip).

 permissions screenshot
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PurpleSladeConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I actually figured this out.  To be able to use this functionality, I have to run the browser in compatibility mode!
Are you sure that the name you are using is not already used somewhere in the site collection?
PurpleSladeAuthor Commented:
Yes I'm sure - I narrowed it down a little bit that it actually seems to be a browser issue.  We recently upgraded to Windows 7 and IE 9.  I can actually remote into my old machine and assign the permissions but for some reason am unable to go in to my new environment and do it.  Looking at browser settings now ...
PurpleSladeAuthor Commented:
I'm accepting my own solution because it's the solution.
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