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Hi i begin to use codeigniter not so long ago and i got small problem.

I try to get comment from db as
            $q = $this->CI->db->query("Select * from comments where item_id = '".$id."' and item='page'");
                 return $q->result_array();
				return false;

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and then in view file i just put

<? if(is_array($comments)){
		foreach($comments as $comment){	

<div class="testimonials-item">
        			<p class="testimonials-item-text"><? echo $comment[message];?></p>
        			<p class="testimonials-item-author"><? echo $comment[author];?></p>

<?		}	

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but i got problem

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Use of undefined constant message - assumed 'message'

Filename: views/add_comments.php

Line Number: 8

What can make this error. How i can fix it.
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1 Solution
echo $comment[message];

should be

echo $comment['message'];

and 'author' likewise
umaximAuthor Commented:
is it requirements of php or why it ask for ''
it's just php syntax.
You specify an array's index either...

1. Using a literal integer:

2. Using a literal string:

3. Using another variable which holds either an integer or a string:
        $index = 0;
        $array[$index];  // same as $array[0]
        $index = "zero";
        $array[$index];  // same as $array["zero"]

4. Using a constant which holds either an integer or a string:
        define('zero', 0);
        $array[zero];  // same as $array[0]

In your case, you are trying to specify a string index, so you need to quote it in order for php to understand you are trying to specify a string and not a constant or a variable.
umaximAuthor Commented:
thanks for explanation.
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