Vb.net Datagridview: is a cell selected?

I am using vb.net,

In datagridview, i need a code that will check whether a cell has be selected or not on a datagridview.

Thanks in advance
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Handle the CellClick event of the datagridview
baabaa_nlAuthor Commented:
I mean, i need to know if any cell in the gridview has focus?
the CellClick event will tell you which cell has focus in a datagridview.you probably did not phrase your question correctly .... but whenever a cell is click (not event in edit mode!), then the cell click event will know about it.
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baabaa_nlAuthor Commented:
Ok , now what if not a single cell is on focus on the gridview, are there any method or properties that would return any boolean values.
Not sure I understand your second question. If you want to know what cell was last de-selected, I do not think there is an in-built method forthis, but you can always implement a simple class wide string variable to hold this value and just set it whenever you select another cell.
baabaa_nlAuthor Commented:

Well the reason why i asked you such a question was due to the following reason.

In my datagridview i have set the CellEndEdit Event. When the the cell is under the edit mode, and when i click on the other cells, the event works fine.

But when i am on an edit mode on a cell and when i click on the row header, i get a NullReferenceException. so due to that i am trying to check first if any cell has focus at that time.

Thanks in advance.
That you get a null reference exception is proof that the EndEdit event has fired. You could simply wrap your routine in a try catch (and ignore the error), or set up a condition for filtering out the selection of a header row. Other than that, I would have to see the code you have in your EndEdit event (to ascertain why you get the error and what your code is trying to do) before I can suggest any work-arounds.

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baabaa_nlAuthor Commented:
You were right, after adding the try catch block and ignoring the error, it was working perfectly. Good job.
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