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We have a Hosted Exchange 2010 sp1 on a win2008 server. I would like to add a “domain alias” under one of the hosted domains, on the server. But since Hosted Exchange, only can be configured  with Power Shell, and power shell is not one of my specialty’s, I would like to know “how to do” .
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Amit KhilnaneyCommented:
But since Hosted Exchange, only can be configured  with Power Shell,

I think you can use exchange management console to configure an alias. Are you saying that you are using the services provided by third party by using word "Hosted Exchange" i.e. via Office 365 or GoDaddy Hosted exchange a/c. I am familiar with on how to do it with godaddy as i am using the same to recieve email from my diffrent domains/email addresses to one a/c.
skovhusetAuthor Commented:
No I am using Microsoft Exchange 2010. But installed as “Hosted Exchange”.  And in this installation there isn’t any Exchange Management Console. You can only configure via Power Shell. So I need a script, that can put a domain alias under a configured domain. Just like in a “normal” exchange 2010”, under “accepted domains” and “e-mail address policy”.
To create the New Authoritative Accepted Domain:

 “New-AcceptedDomain -Name “” -DomainName -DomainType Authoritative”

To create the New E-Mail Address Policy

 “New-EmailAddressPolicy -Name “” -IncludedRecipients UserMailbox -ConditionalDepartment “Sales” -Priority 1 -EnabledEmailAddressTemplates “””

To apply the New E-Mail Address Policy to the recipients
 “Update-EmailAddressPolicy -Identity “””
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This site has good information about hosting mode including some basic commands. This should be helpful

The other good site is
skovhusetAuthor Commented:
I have really tried to researh how to do it, but haven't yet found an answer that was clear enough for me to understand.

I think that what "ts4673" said is usefull somehow.
Maybe i need to first create an accepted domain for the organization that is not installed on the server. And then somehow add a new emailaddresspolicy to the domain i wanna be able to receive mails from the domain i specified in the "accepted domain"?

So lets say my server have these 2 domains:
And i want Contoso to be able to recive the mails that is sent to @anotherone

What would i then need to do exactly?
So far, thank you for your help!
skovhusetAuthor Commented:
“New-AcceptedDomain -Name “” -DomainName -DomainType Authoritative”

 “New-EmailAddressPolicy -Name “” -IncludedRecipients UserMailbox -ConditionalDepartment “Sales” -Priority 1 -EnabledEmailAddressTemplates “””

To apply the New E-Mail Address Policy to the recipients
 “Update-EmailAddressPolicy -Identity “””

now everyone in your orginization can receive mail at

If you still dont understand you might consider hiring someone to just do it for you.
skovhusetAuthor Commented:
Efter a long time of trying to find out what to do, i finally managed.
And i just wanted to show you what i was asking for:

New-AcceptedDomain -Organization "" -Name "" -DomainName -DomainType 'Authoritative'

New-EmailAddressPolicy -Name "" -Organization "" -Priority 1 -EnabledEmailAddressTemplates @("", "") -IncludedRecipients 'AllRecipients'

Get-Mailbox -Organization "" -Identity "Pokus Hokus" | Set-Mailbox -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $false
Get-Mailbox -Organization "" -Identity "Pokus Hokus" | Set-Mailbox -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $true

I know that there must be a smarter way to update the emailaddresspolicy for a domain, but couldn't find a way that worked. So the only way i could find to do it, was to disable and enable it again on each account, which updated the policy.

What you gave me earlier would only work in a "non"-hosted enviroment i belive.
Thanks for guiding me in the correct direction :)

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skovhusetAuthor Commented:
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