DnsCmd /ZoneAdd - Reverse Lookup Zone

I am trying to add a reverse lookup zone with dnscmd with below command line. The zone is added but not in reverse lookup zones, its added in the forward lookup zones.

C:\>dnscmd ns1 /zoneadd /primary /file 176- /load
DNS Server ns1 created zone
Command completed successfully.
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That's because "" is not the FQDN of a reverse lookup zone. The Microsoft DNS MMC displays it like that, but the dnscmd syntax requires the  FQDN. So try
dnscmd.exe ns1 /zoneadd 176- /primary /file 176- /load
in-addr.arpa is necessary to be recognized as Reverse lookup zone.
Venugopal NCommented:
The reverse lookup zone address need to be in the format of Network Id.in.addr.arpa.

For example  forward lookup zone is 172.16.11/24 (that is, with subnet mask, then the reverse lookup zone usually is named 11.16.172.in-addr.arpa.

Hence check the zonename and the file name provided with the dnscmd command.
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