Help with removing horizotal scroll bar from a MS Report with ASP.NET


How do you remove an horizontal scroll bar in my MS report?

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dhawalsethConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi VCharles,

Please follow this link:

Its been a year since i worked with SSRS and it will take some time to recall.
I believe this will help.

You are using SSRS( i assume),

Increase the width of the outer table on the page, in which you have created the report. if your report content is more that what can be put in the page, change the layout/orientation of the page from 'Portrait' to 'Landscape'.
vcharlesAuthor Commented:
How do I change the layout to landscape? In the report properties under the Layout tab, I changed width to 11in and height to 8.5in, but it did not help, I don't see an option for landscape.
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