Deleting pre-installed apps from Android

I have an HTC Wildfire S running Android 2.3.5

Increasingly often I get low memory warnings and have to go through deciding which apps to remove. I have had to delete downloaded apps which I'd like to have for occasional use but need to remove to ensure space for the core apps I use all the time.

Everytime I do this I curse  at those apps which came pre-installed with the phone but which I never use on the phone and which consume vast amounts of memory which I'd very much like to rededicate to apps I'd find more useful in the context of a phone.

Specifically I'd like to remove:
Google search
Facebook for HTC Sense
Friend Stream
Friend Stream Widget
Voice Search

I can only remove the updates to these apps, not the apps themselves. If I don't keep them updated I don't get the security updates etc, and get constant reminders that updates exist.
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These apps can only be deleted if you root your device.

If you haven't already moved your moveable downloaded apps to your SD cardyou can do that to free up some memory.
memyselfiAuthor Commented:
The apps listed do not offer option of moving to SD card. Any app I need that can be moved to the SD card has been.

I bought my phone from '3' in the UK already rooted as a PAYG phone and have also used in Poland with non '3' SIMM cards. Is that rooted enough or is there a deeper rooted level?
Sounds like your phone is unlocked but not rooted

If rooted you should have the 'Superuser' app.
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memyselfiAuthor Commented:
Great! That means it is possible to delete those pesky apps...

I don't have the superuser app. do I root my phone?
Read the detailed rooting instructions before starting and make sure all oof your data is backed up.

Also, read about the potential downsides to rooting including impact on warranties.

That being said you also have access to much more on your Android device such as customization,  tethering, backups, better speed and battery life.

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memyselfiAuthor Commented:
wow, the whole new world I've been looking forward to!

just to be sure, a complete backup can be made by writing everything to the SD Card and then copying the SD Card to my PC?
That will backup everything on your SD card.  Your phone settings and call logs and text logs won't be backed up though.

If rooting goes correctly and you.don't lose any data (you shouldn't) then you can do full backups of everything.

There are third party apps in the Market to help backup calls and texts.  Search for SMS backup and call backup.  These will store your logs on your SD card.

There is a great app called Titanium to try once rooted to give you great flexibility with using your rooted phone
memyselfiAuthor Commented:
the phone settings sound like the kind of stuff I really don't want to lose. How can I back those up before I root?
memyselfiAuthor Commented:
Your link above refers to rooting 2.3.5 with S-ON. I can ask about difference between S-ON and S-OFF in a separate post but how do I find out which my phone is?
memyselfiAuthor Commented:
forget my Q about S-ON. It was answered by

I'm happy to assume my bog standard Wildfire S is S-ON
You cannot backup things like your settings before you are rooted (default ringer, etc) but the log of all calls you made/received can be backed up.

Make sure all of your photos, videos are stored on your card as well.

If the rooting goes smoothly your phone will be exactly like it is now but with the rooting active.
Yes, you should be S-ON
memyselfiAuthor Commented:
excellent link to exactly the site I needed plus fully informative answers to several follow up questions
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