convert SuperVCD to DVD

I have a couple of old Super VCD & they can take up almost
850MB in each media.  Thing is these media are very old &
I thought of copying them over to DVD (as CDR or ordinary
VCD can't hold the entire Super VCD content).

I manage to copy entire SVCD content to a USB ext HDD
(listing below).  Can I use "Data Copy" to copy them over
to a DVD & expect to work like VCD on a DVD player?

Any other way to convert?  Is sort of concert content
on the SVCD

 Directory of G:\SVCD1

03/30/2012  09:50 PM    <DIR>          .
03/30/2012  09:50 PM    <DIR>          ..
09/19/2004  05:19 AM                30 AUTORUN.INF
03/30/2012  09:36 PM    <DIR>          EXT
03/30/2012  09:50 PM    <DIR>          MPEGAV
03/30/2012  09:50 PM    <DIR>          SEGMENT
03/30/2012  09:50 PM    <DIR>          VCD
               1 File(s)             30 bytes

 Directory of G:\SVCD1\EXT

03/30/2012  09:36 PM    <DIR>          .
03/30/2012  09:36 PM    <DIR>          ..
09/19/2004  05:19 AM            65,536 LOT_X.VCD
09/19/2004  05:19 AM             1,016 PSD_X.VCD
               2 File(s)         66,552 bytes

 Directory of G:\SVCD1\MPEGAV

03/30/2012  09:50 PM    <DIR>          .
03/30/2012  09:50 PM    <DIR>          ..
09/19/2004  05:19 AM        63,859,196 AVSEQ01.DAT
09/19/2004  05:19 AM        33,356,108 AVSEQ02.DAT
09/19/2004  05:19 AM        43,709,612 AVSEQ03.DAT
09/19/2004  05:19 AM        33,652,460 AVSEQ04.DAT
09/19/2004  05:19 AM        42,531,260 AVSEQ05.DAT
09/19/2004  05:19 AM        36,105,596 AVSEQ06.DAT
09/19/2004  05:19 AM        41,757,452 AVSEQ07.DAT
09/19/2004  05:19 AM        34,002,908 AVSEQ08.DAT
09/19/2004  05:19 AM        46,670,780 AVSEQ09.DAT
09/19/2004  05:19 AM        37,970,732 AVSEQ10.DAT
09/19/2004  05:19 AM        50,027,084 AVSEQ11.DAT
09/19/2004  05:19 AM        32,490,572 AVSEQ12.DAT
09/19/2004  05:19 AM        44,855,036 AVSEQ13.DAT
09/19/2004  05:19 AM        30,997,052 AVSEQ14.DAT
09/19/2004  05:19 AM        48,107,852 AVSEQ15.DAT
09/19/2004  05:19 AM        28,085,276 AVSEQ16.DAT
09/19/2004  05:19 AM        36,655,964 AVSEQ17.DAT
09/19/2004  05:19 AM        50,577,452 AVSEQ18.DAT
09/19/2004  05:19 AM        37,173,404 AVSEQ19.DAT
09/19/2004  05:19 AM        31,766,156 AVSEQ20.DAT
09/19/2004  05:19 AM        34,741,436 AVSEQ21.DAT
              21 File(s)    839,093,388 bytes

 Directory of G:\SVCD1\SEGMENT

03/30/2012  09:50 PM    <DIR>          .
03/30/2012  09:50 PM    <DIR>          ..
09/19/2004  05:19 AM         5,644,844 ITEM0001.DAT
09/19/2004  05:19 AM         5,292,044 ITEM0017.DAT
               2 File(s)     10,936,888 bytes

 Directory of G:\SVCD1\VCD

03/30/2012  09:50 PM    <DIR>          .
03/30/2012  09:50 PM    <DIR>          ..
09/19/2004  05:19 AM             2,048 ENTRIES.VCD
09/19/2004  05:19 AM             2,048 INFO.VCD
09/19/2004  05:19 AM            65,536 LOT.VCD
09/19/2004  05:19 AM               808 PSD.VCD
               4 File(s)         70,440 bytes

     Total Files Listed:
              30 File(s)    850,167,298 bytes
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Hi sunhux
partially correct, mpeg 1 is the format used vcd but it is authored to . DAT
 same with mpeg 2 is used in DVD Video but authored to vobs, you can use mpeg 1 or avi or wmv you can many different video formats to make a DVD Video as they will all be authored to vobs ( mpeg2), but the quality will differ depending the video scale used.
Say for example if you used a flash or an avi 320x 240 it would look awful as the standards of a DVD Video is 720 × 576  so your small video would pixelate.
DVD-Video Standards explained
Both  VCD and DVD Video has a structure,
 in DVD Video it is a folder called VIDEO_TS inside this is the files > Vobs and in order for the chapters and menus to function right an IFO and Bup file is created as pointers to each chapter or menue kind of like markers from the IFO and Bup files to the VTS_01_1 which represents the name for each chapter, the same with VCD each AVSEQ01.DAT
this way your laser auto reads the disc and you can click on a chapter.
What is MPEG format

in reference to>
If I wish to merge 2 (or 3) VCDs into one DVD & assuming
the 1st SVCD has 3 .dat files while the 2nd SVCD has 2 .dat
files, then I rename them as video1.dat, video2.dat, ..., video5.dat << no.

Grab all your .dat out of each folder that represents an entire vcd and rename the extension to mpeg it will then play just like a standard single mpeg file, you name it whatever so longer as the extension is .mpeg
if your vcd is called day at the beach then name it beach_1.mpeg beach_2.mpeg and so on to use up all your AVSEQ.DAT in sequence.

To make a full DVD out of all these ( even merge your old vcd)  you need to author them, you can use Windows Live Movie maker,  how to
What you need is a good DVD-R disc with a burn speed of x4 or x8 verbatim or Sony, use good brands.
As the mirror is better and will have a higher burn success.

Then open Windows Live movie maker and drop each beach_1.mpeg beach_2.mpeg etc on if you want to make a Title use the top menus, add all of them on one at a time remember not to exceed 4.2 gig or 4.5 gig, your blank DVD holds 4.7.
Then go to far top left click on the arrow next to the white pad and make a DVD
you can also just save your entire VCD collection to one WMV file as once they are added to this video time line they will merge.
Burning them to DVD follow the steps ensure you have finalise the disc enabled
You can also use DVD Flick same method but do read the guides as you need to make a menue and finalise the disc
Always check the output size does not exceed 4.2 gig allow some space for the lead in and lead out even if it's 5 megs.
windows live moviemaker DVD
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Bear with me, 1 more question:

If I wish to merge 2 (or 3) VCDs into one DVD & assuming
the 1st SVCD has 3 .dat files while the 2nd SVCD has 2 .dat
files, then I rename them as video1.dat, video2.dat, ..., video5.dat ?
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
For my education,  is MPEG1 = VCD  while MPEG2 = DVD?
You could always try ConvertXtoDVD

it's very easy to use and will allow you to put multiple SVCD movies onto a DVD.

I think it will probably re-encode to DVD format, so you may lose some quality with the recompression
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