Apache Denial of Service

So, we had a bot that was "scraping" content from us, images, videos etc. It was able to use up all available slots on apache therefor causing a DoS. Normally this is pretty simple to prevent using IPtables. The problem is our setup is more complex.

Load Balancer > Proxie > Front-End > Applications > - > Shared Assets

Our front ends do not see the "source ip" because the traffic gets sent from the load balance which then inputs a "x-forward-for" into the http header. Wondering what the best way of limiting connections via the x-forward-for are without adding much overhead, ie: mod_security
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syscrashConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Yes, setup as reverse. The proxy in this case is actually not caching the "shared assets" but some day will be. So, the shared asset(front end) is the issue. It sees the source ip4 address only via the x-forward-for in the http header.
Why not limit it on the proxy?
I do not think you would be able to use redirect, conditional redirect referencing a http header that is being passed by the proxy.
Is the proxy setup as reverse?
The proxy presumably also has iptables and that is where you can and should block the source ip. Otherwise you have to go up the routing path to the firewall in front of the loadbalancer if any, or up to the router etc.
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syscrashAuthor Commented:
Well it would have to be done at the perimeter, which is one option. Any major side affects that anyone can think of? My thought is to limit tcp traffic to port 80 and 8080 something like 50 connections per ip or similar something high enough to not get false positives.
Your apache config allows per Clint sequential requests? I.e. single connection retrieves multiple page/objects?

You could configure apache to proxy the tomcat such that access to port 8080 will not be necessary.
Depending on where you are you might limit proxy servers that are common in some countries/regions.
syscrashAuthor Commented:
Used reverse proxy setup (squid) not as vulnerable to slowloris types of attacks.
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