DNS www A record IP change

Client has Server 2008 R2 (DC and Exchange 2008).  Their (externally) hosted website, lets call it www.mydomain.co.uk, is now being hosted by another company.  However, deleted A record and then re added (did try editting first) with new IP address.  Clients machines (Win 7 and XP) and server will browse to new web site (Chromer, FF, IE) but the site is not rendering properly.  Am I missing something?
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phillipnorAuthor Commented:
Sorry, forgot to mention.  Tried ipconfig /flushdns.  The new site is showing in browser but not properly.  If I edit network settings on XP (or Win7) machine to point DNS to router (and not DC) then website renders fine.  However, they use SQL and their in house application will error at times with this workaround.  Any ideas please?
I think you have to change / Add a forwarder in your DNS console.
To do that:
Open DNS console > Right Click on your server name node then slect proprties > go to Forwarders tab > Edit > Add OR

Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:

Adding a forwarder as your ISP IP is one of the good option. Also, try to create a www record which points to the external website or IP.
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If you can see the website the it's resolving correctly and not a DNS issue.  Since you moved providers you may have to make some web server changes or make sure your scripts work correctly on the new server, but it is not a DNS issue.
phillipnorAuthor Commented:
Thank you Bassam_bnd
radhakrishnan2007 - I had editted the old A record already and just changed the ip from old site to new site.  This fixed it so the client's on site machine can now see the new website.

However, problem remains - the website loads but i listed on far left of window.

Anutechnologies - I am on your side here with it being not a DNS issue.  If I edit the DNS setting for a client machine (from DHCP where DC is the DNS entry) so the DNS entry if the router's ip then the new website renders 100% OK.  Which web server changes do I need to tell the client so that they can notify the company that host it (or if it more for whoever develops their website)?
I couldn't tell you without seeing the site or knowing how it was designed.  I would contact the developer who would have a good idea what needs to be enabled or changed.
Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:

If you are able to access the website externally and internally (after providing the router IP) then it doesn't seem to be the code or website issue.
Do you have any firewall on the network? if so, have you added the public website IP which mapped to the internal IP? you have to look somewhere here..
Since it's able to access after manually adding the router IP as DNS, it's clearly indicates that you don't have the ptr or appropriate record for the domain (website).

I recommend you to contact your ISP once and make a request to create an appropriate DNS record from your ISP end which points to the website.
phillipnorAuthor Commented:
Appears to be with web developers at moment.  The domain is company.co.uk and the website is identical.  It is not seeing the css so the new website appears unformatted.  Solutions are web developers to make a change, we change the client domain to .local (not recommended at this stage) or edit IIS.  It was not me who decided on the domain name for the client's network before you ask.
If it is not seeing the css, it is probably a simple failure to use relative paths when including the css.  IT really shouldn't matter what the domain name is to include css.  I often have clients that use multiple domain names that point at the same site and this has never been an issue.  Check the lines where the css is included and make sure they are not explicitly calling by domain name.

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phillipnorAuthor Commented:
Issue is resolved.  Had the web developers amend the site.

Their update below was confirmed as now working internally at client OK:

the $base_url parameter in the drupal settings was set to: $base_url = 'http://company.co.uk'; without the www, i've now changed this to: $base_url = 'http://www.company.co.uk'; and removed the redirecting .htaccess rewrite rule and its working fine
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