Treeview - looping through nodes


I am simply trying to loop through the nodes of my treeview control with following code:
With TaskItemsForm.trvTasks
        For Each n In trvTasks
            Debug.Print "Key :  ", .Nodes.Item.Key, "Text :   ", .Nodes.Item.Text
        Next n
     End With

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but I am getting the error :
Compile error - argument not optional - and it highlights the ".Items" section of .Nodes.Item.Key

Any help on guiding me through this would be appreciated.

Best regards,

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NorieConnect With a Mentor VBA ExpertCommented:

Why aren't you using the loop variable n?

Have you checked what it is?

Is it a node?

Try this.
Dim N As Node

        For Each N In trvTasks.Nodes
            Debug.Print "Key :  ", N.Key, "Text :   ", N.Text
        Next N

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Martin LissConnect With a Mentor Older than dirtCommented:
Here's code to "Walk" the nodes of a treeview.

Private Sub WalkTree(ByVal ParentNode As Node)
    Do Until ParentNode Is Nothing
        Debug.Print ParentNode.Text, ParentNode.Index
        WalkTree ParentNode.Child
        Set ParentNode = ParentNode.Next

End Sub

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WalkTree trvTasks.Nodes(1)
slobber72Author Commented:
Thanks guys. I am still a relative novice in coding - the different uses of methods / properties etc still gets me befuddled. You have both given me a way to cycle through the treeview and they both work really well with my code.
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slobber72Author Commented:
Hi Martin,

I am getting an error when trying to call your procedure- as I am hopeless with VBA in Excel I can't track down what the reason for it is.

When I call the procedure as below, I get the error "Type Mismatch"...

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
    With Me
        'Label the userform
        .Caption = "Menu Tasks Comment Form"
        ' Label the buttons
        .CommandButton1.Caption = "Close"
        .CommandButton2.Caption = "Add Comment"
        .CommandButton3.Caption = "View Comments"
        .Frame1.Caption = "Comments"
        'Null out the label
        .Label1 = vbNullString
        .TextBox1 = vbNullString
        'Label the treeview
        .TreeView1.LineStyle = tvwRootLines
        'Sort the treeview
        .TreeView1.Sorted = True
    End With
   'Populate the Treeview
    TreeView_Populate True ' populate the treeview control
    WalkTree Me.TreeView1.Nodes(1)
End Sub

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Could you perhaps point me in the right direction as to what I am doing wrong ?

Thanks in advance.
slobber72Author Commented:
Hi again,

I found that I needed to change the procedure to declare the parentnode as an object, not as a node - it would appear that this is a version of treeview issue.

Private Sub WalkTree(ByVal ParentNode As Object) ' previously declared as node
    Do Until ParentNode Is Nothing
        Debug.Print ParentNode.Text, , ParentNode.Index, , ParentNode.Key
        WalkTree ParentNode.Child
        Set ParentNode = ParentNode.Next

End Sub

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Thanks again !!
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
I'm glad you were able to fix it. Not that I'm complaining but what happened between the time you said my code worked really well and the type mismatch error?

Just out of curiosity, does the following work for you?

Private Sub WalkTree(ByVal ParentNode As ComctlLib.Node)
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