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how can I uninstall Norton PC Checkup from a laptop running XP Pro SP3

Hi Everyone,

              I am needing help uninstalling Norton PC Checkup from a laptop running Windows XP Pro SP3.  It will not uninstall within Control Panel using Add/Remove Programs.  

              Thank you

3 Solutions
Sudeep SharmaTechnical DesignerCommented:
Hello George,

What error you are getting while uninstalling it?

What's the version of PC Checkup tool you have installed. If it is version 1.0 then upgrade it as version 1.0 has bug while uninstalling which was fixed in version 1.1 and later.

I hope that would help.

Symantec provide a tool for uninstalling their products if the normal methods fail. Copy and paste the following string into the Search box on their site:

DOCID: kb20080710133834EN_EndUserProfile_en_us

Check the list of options to see which fits your product, as PC Checkup doesn't seem to be listed separately. For example, it might come under Norton 2003 products, rather than having its own heading.
Once you've determined which version you need, download and run it. Be aware, though, that it will remove ALL Norton/Symantec products on your computer and not just a single component.

I've used these tools myself in the past, and they do seem effective.
Willy Van den HoutenNetwork & Security AssistantCommented:
Did you try to uninstall it in safe mode ?

It should work.
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Willy Van den HoutenNetwork & Security AssistantCommented:
1. Download the Norton Removal Tool. Visit Symantec's official site at www.symantec.com and type "Norton removal tool" in the search bar located at the upper right-hand corner of the browser. Select the link that says, "Download and run the Norton Removal Tool." Scroll down and click the link that states "I have a Norton 2008 product." Click "Download," and save the program to your desktop or to a location that is easy to find.

2. Double-click "Norton Removal Tool" icon. Turn off or disable all of your currently running Norton programs while using the Norton Removal Tool. Once the removal program begins, click "Next." Follow the on-screen instructions, and click "Close" when the removal program is finished.

3. Delete Norton PC Checkup from your Task folder. Click "Start;" then highlight "Programs," "Accessories," and "System Tools." Click "Scheduled Tasks." Look for the "Norton PC Checkup" tab and right-click it; then select "Delete."

4. Perform a quick search. Make sure all folders and file associated with Norton PC Checkup are removed by clicking "Start," followed by "Find," and type "Norton PC Checkup" in the search box. Your computer will search for any files or folders with Norton PC Checkup in the title or description. After this is finished, right-click the files or folders and select "Delete" to send the folder to the trash.

5. Uncheck Norton PC Checkup from your start-up services. Click "Start" and "Run" followed by typing "msconfig." Click the "Services" tab in the new dialog box that appears, and scroll through the list of programs until you find Norton programs. Left click the box to uncheck all items that have "Norton PC Checkup" in the description or file name. Restart your computer by clicking "Start" and the "Power" button from the pop-up menu.
did you try Revo-Uninstaller

Its and advanced tool to uninstall applications and it even scrubs their traces from the registry
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hi Everyone,

               Using the steps outlined by wvdhoute, I was able to successfully uninstall Norton PC Checkup.  While the steps outlined were excellent, I had to make a few adjustments in them to make the completion of this tricky project a success.  Here are the steps I carried out in order to successfully uninstall Norton PC Checkup which mostly captures what wvdhoute recommended:

                1.  Downloaded Norton Removal Tool from symantec.com and launched it
                2.  Unchecked Norton PC Checkup from the start- up services (Start >   Run     entered msconfig > selected Services tab >  unchecked   Norton PC Checkup > Apply > OK > Restarted laptop
                3.  Boot to Safe Mode as Administrator
                4.  Scanned files and folders using Norton PC Checkup as the search criteria
(Start > Find > entered Norton PC Checkup > deleted all files and folders which had this title and sent to Recycle Bin.
                5.  Recycle Bin was emptied
                6.  Laptop restarted

                 Thank you so much once again for this tip wvdhoute.  Your step by step instructions were easy to follow and understand.  Great job!!!!  I could not have gotten through this without your help : - )


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