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I’m new to My SQL. Im trying to change the Data directory location to that of the server Instead of the default "C:\Program Data\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\data". I changed the my.ini file so that the database directory was pointing to the server "Y:\dev224\MySQL\data" and then stopped the database server and tried to restart the database. It would not re-start.. I copied the old my.ini file back and the database restarted. I thought, well maybe it can not find the same dabases in the new directory that I had in old directory , so I copied the entired database structure and tried the new my.ini database file again and it still would not restart after I stopped it. I copied the original data directory using the windows explorer. I do see a directory when I sign up to the original configuration that I don't see in the actual directory  information_schema . But I copied the directory and stopped the Server and tried to restart, but it would not restart.
any suggestions?

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Check the file ownership and permissions of the copied data - they should be the same as the original.  Also, see if you encounter the same (weird) error regarding the size of ib_logfile* described at

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miker454Author Commented:
Thanks johanntagle, I read your article and it was going along with my thinking. I have spent hours granting permission. I really don't know what other permission to give the directory. The ib_logfile0 and ib_logfile1 are the same file in both directories. I tried moving the data around to several hard drives and I was able to move it, but when it came to moving it to public shared network drive (Z:\) it would not work. I have windows 7 and the 5.2.22 community version of My SQL. I hope there are no restrictions on the community version of my SQL. I'm still trying to figure out what is going wrong . Like you said easier said than done. Thanks for your suggestion.

Ah.  Didn't realize you were moving it to a shared network drive.  Weird things happen with them.  Even if it was possible to put the data directory there I would not recommend it as it could hamper performance.
miker454Author Commented:
I appreciate your help. I realize you are right. It is my fualt for trying to put it on a shared network, My problem is I have installed My SQL on the network server and I have tried and tried to be able to use on the client computers and I can not even see the database on the client machines. My SQL is running on the Server (using windows 2008) I can connect to it via ODBC on the server, but I can not connect to via ODBC on the client machines. I turned off the firewall on both the client and the server. I have no clue what is going on, but Im going to keep trying. (Stupidly, installed My SQL on the client and thought I could run My SQL on each client and use the file server to hold the data. Obviously this won't work).<br />Thanks,<br />Mike
Hi Mike,

Suggest you open a command prompt on a client machine and do a "telnet address-of-server 3306" and see if you get a response.  If you do, then the server and network is set up to receive mysql client connections.  Start from there then maybe post another question for troubleshooting your client odbc connections.

(UPDATE: I see you already got a new question going :) )

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