Transfer domain computers to a new domain without downtime

Hello experts,

We have existing  windows 2008 r2 domain, with several servers and approx 200 member workstations.  now domain name is We want to impleemnt microsoft exchange and sharepoint services in our organizaton and need to prepare infrastructure for that. to make all dc-s are healthy and to rename domain to

We plan to install new servers, set up active directory domain and then somehow migrate all existing servers and workstations to this fresh domain and then completely remove old domain and reinstall old dcs..  Is it possible to achive this with minimum downtime and configuration headaches? Can we avoid creating new profiles for existing users? ADMT tool can transfer users and groups between domains, but i don't think it can handle all of this. can you help me with detailed guide in my situation?
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AnuroopsunddConnect With a Mentor Commented:
for Smooth migration of machines/accounts/permissions/profile you can look for some tools like quest
You can set up the new domain and create a trust relationship between them.  Then you will be able to move computers/users/groups/etc without downtime.

Quest does have good migration tools.  Use them if you have the money in your budget.  Otherwise you should be able to migrate manually with the trust relationship in place.
guramnAuthor Commented:
but once i remove old domain can users still be able to logon to new domain, as trust relationship won't exist
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you will require to migrate the users and computers to new domain then remove the old domain.
Once a two way trust relationship is in place, you will be able to move your users, groups, policies, etc over in a controlled manner.  You won't have to rush everything to be done during a set period of downtime.
guramnAuthor Commented:
can ADMT handle  all these?
The Active Directory Migration Tool should be able to handle just about everything you need.  About the only thing extra would be your group policies.
suriyaehnopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Based on my previous project:

1. Setup new domain,
2. Set conditional forwarding on DNS server on both domain so that each domain can pingable.
3. Set a Forest Trust ( 2 ways)
4. Install ADMT/Password Export services (if you want to retain user's password from old domain). Please refer to link
5. On new domain, create a OU structure same as old domain.
6. User ADMT to move users and group from old domain to new domain.
7. Install Microsoft Exhcange server on new domain
8. Move mailbox from old domain to new domain
robdlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The above link by tmassa99 is excellent. This link here provides a little more step-by step.

This is actually very easy to do speaking from experience.
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