How to print Access Autonumber on a datagridview column

In Access database, assuming that a table is created with three fields and the first field is set to autonumber.

Now on an Access database Datasheet view, when a user enters a value on a new record, automatically the autonumber is generated and displayed on the first cell of the current row while the user enters the data on the following cells.

But i am writing my application in for the user interface and will be using a datagridview.

In the girdview when the user starts entering data on the new row, is it possible to display the autonumber on the gridview cell (i.e. is the actual autonumber that access has or will generate)

I am using and access database.

Thanks in advance.
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Do you need to show the number? These number columns are usually hidden in a UI as these are usually not of any interest to the user.

See this example

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baabaa_nlAuthor Commented:
Hi CodeCruiser,

I believe that the code in the article you gave was generating its own autonumber on the gridview it self.

But i want the autonumber from the access database itself(i.e. suppose i was going to enter a new row in the access database datasheet view and it was generating a number 15, but since i am doing the same thing in gridview, is it possible to get that autonumber on my gridview's first column cell.).

Hope i was clear.

Thanks in advance.
Then you would have to handle the RowsAdded event and generate the number yourself. Is it a single user app?
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baabaa_nlAuthor Commented:

I want the autonumber that was geneterated on the access database to be displayed on the datagridview of my applicatoin.
>I want the autonumber that was geneterated on the access database to be displayed on the datagridview of my applicatoin.

That would happen AFTER you send the changes from the grid to the database using the DataAdapter.Update method. This wont happen when adding a new row in grid. You can achieve this by adding a button on form "Add Row" which inserts the empty row in Access and reloads the grid so it shows an empty row with ID generated.
baabaa_nlAuthor Commented:
I hope you get the point i am trying to say because, when you enter a value on the new row, (assuming that the row's first column is set to autonumber, and when the data is enterd on the rest of the columns, the new autonumber immediately apperars on the column which was set with auto number.) so but in this case, i will not use my access database directly, instead the database will be on a different location and i will be using my application which will have a datagridview, which will have connected to the database. and when i start entering the data on the appropriate columns, the database will generate the autonumber, and i want that auto number to be displayed on the gridview.

I will also insert the image below for what i am trying to do.

PIc 1
pic 2
baabaa_nlAuthor Commented:
Hi Codecuriser,

so i be sending a black record to the database and reloading it would give me the id generated. its realy a good idea, but would it cause any problem in the sql if i a sending blank values at first for me to generate the autonumber and retrieve it back again?
baabaa_nlAuthor Commented:

>>Is it a single user app?

This is not a single app, this will be used by 3 or 4 users at the same time.
I would suggest you hide the autonumber column. You did not answer my question: Is this number important for the user?

Access and DataGridView are two different things. Access implements the feature for you but you would have to implement the feature for datagridview.
baabaa_nlAuthor Commented:
Hi codecruiser,

Honestly the autonumber is not need for the user, I was trying to see if it was possible to to get that functionality that access does(i.e. displaying the autonumber first when data is entered on the new row.)

Thank you CodeCruiser
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