wordpress seems to be squashing text


occasionally and randomly all text and menu items seem to be all squashed up losing any line height and making text illegible as all lines are overlapping. Whenever this happens, hitting refresh fixes it. 2 screen shots attached of what it should look like and what is happening sometimes. Any idea what is causing this? I remember encountering a similar thing years ago and can't for the life of me remember what fixed it...

Can anyone shed any light on this please?

the problem
how it should look
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Can you share a live link?
igloobobAuthor Commented:
it is still in dev but here you go

What browser?  Is it happening consistently? I've tried in IE 9, 8 & 7, FF, Safari and Chrome and I couldn't duplicate the issue.

Have you tried disabling plugin's 1 by 1 to see if that helps?
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igloobobAuthor Commented:
It is in firefox I am getting this error, maybe it is just when I am logged in as admin. Only happens occasionally. I will disable the plug ins and try it when not logged in to see if I can work out where it is being caused... Will get on it tomorrow, have to leave now.

Thanks for having a look.
igloobobAuthor Commented:
Hi LZ1 sorry for the delay, just got back on this.

I tried deactivating all plug ins and I still get the error. It seems to happen fairly often on the events tab off the news and events page. Also on the pages linked off the tabs on the technology page.

I'm guessing it must be a css issue but can't work out what...
I have tried numerous times in different browsers and still could not duplicate it.  It may be your just getting bad loads when your logged in.  Does it happen at all when your not logged in?
igloobobAuthor Commented:
It also happens when I am not logged in yes. Very strange!

Glad to hear you can't replicate the problem though, maybe it is something local to my computer, is that even possible?

I'll have a try on a few different computers over the weekend.
You may also want to clear your cache, cookies and history on your PC.  Trying different computers would be the best way to test though.
igloobobAuthor Commented:
Also, so far it has only been Firefox I have noticed this in
igloobobAuthor Commented:
I always clear the cache etc every time I start firefox. I am using a mac. Maybe it's my firefox, seems to be the only browser I see the problem in.
igloobobAuthor Commented:
I'll report back how I get on with other computers over the weekend. Have to leave now.

Thanks for keeping an eye on the thread.
igloobobAuthor Commented:
OK I have done some testing and get the same thing happening on my other mac in firefox. Very random and never the same page...

Any ideas?

menu <li> and text being squashed up
If you hit refresh after you get that, it goes back to normal right?
igloobobAuthor Commented:
yes, refresh makes it display correctly, it's almost as if the stylesheet isn't loading properly or something else making all the line heights be negative...
igloobobAuthor Commented:
and it only seems to be a firefox issue as far as I can tell
I am really sorry, but I still can't reproduce the issue.  The only other suggestion I can think of right now is to get your stylesheet as the first thing to load if you can.  Other than that, I really don't know what it could be other than a bad page load.
igloobobAuthor Commented:
how strange, ah well thanks for taking a look I'll try loading the stylesheet first thing see if that helps.
igloobobAuthor Commented:
Hi LZ1 can I just ask are you using a PC or Mac?
I"m on a Windows 7 PC with FF 11.0 and IE 9. Chrome and Safari are up to date as well.
igloobobAuthor Commented:

must be a firefox mac issue then...
It very well could be, as I couldn't duplicate it on any browser on my PC.
igloobobAuthor Commented:
ok thanks, if anyone else is watching this thread can they see the problem on mac firefox?
igloobobAuthor Commented:
might have just stumbled across the cause, i noticed i had font-sixe:1; in my body style, must have started to edit it and just removed the em off it without realising. Not 100% but since removing that style I can no longer replicate the problem.

Need more testing on a few different machines but might have done the trick!!

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igloobobAuthor Commented:
* oops typo above

The font-size:1 is part of the reset.  Since different browsers use different size fonts as their defaults, this actually resets it to 1 for all browsers.  That could be it, but it should be over-written by your CSS.  

The reset should always be the very first CSS file appearing in your head.
igloobobAuthor Commented:
Hi LZ1, sorry for delay, I've been sidetracked on another job. Still seeing this squashing very occasionaly. Really puzzled!
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
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