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I am building an application using MVC3
when the user trying to edit the phone number I want them to get this format displayed ( ) -

if the passed phone number has 7 numbers or more I need to display that number in
this format
(000) 000-0000

ortherwise just output it the way it is.

this is code that display the phone number:

    @Html.TextBoxFor(m => m.Customer.PhoneNumber1, new { @class = "textBox" })

how can I say if the customer.PhoneNumber1 has more than 7 numbers to format my field?
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binaryevoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
var textBoxLength = $("#PhoneNumber1").val().length; 
if(textBoxLength > 7){

      //do your display formatting here

     //when your ready, reapply your format to the text here like this
     $("#PhoneNumber1").val("my new formatted value");

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lulu50Author Commented:
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