Non Administrator needs server shutdown access

Hello, new guy here on the site, hopfully can get a solid answer from the pros.  :)

I have a user who needs the ability to shutdown / restart a Windows 2003 Citrix server without domain admin rights. I currently have him in the backup operators group, print operators group and server operators group, but he still has no permissions to restart the servers in the domain. When he tries, the only opions available are log off and disconnect.

Since this is a domain account, what can be done to make this happen?  We mainly want him to be able to add printers, and restart our citrix servers when necessary.  

Am I going about this correctly so he can acomplish this task, or is there a better way of going about this?

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can they try to shutdown from their own machine using command.
shutdown /m \\machine name
also on the server you can give permissions
go to Local Secuirty policy
under -> Security Settings-> Local policies-> user Rights Assignment
give permission to user or group under "Shutdown the system"
helpfinderIT ConsultantCommented:
what if he try command shutdown -i?
This command calls shutdown GUI where he is able to set hostname or IP of machine, action (shutdown, restart, logoff) and delay for chosen action - is this commend allowed for him?
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kjs00333Author Commented:
I can have him try and see, but we would prefer he can do it from within an RDP session since he will be already logged in remotely to the Citrix server.
kjs00333Author Commented:
I have tried the local policy option but it is greyed out and I cannot add users. However, the group backup operators is listed as a group that is allowed to shut down the system but I think that's a local group, not a domain group.  The user in question is a member of the backup operators group at the domain level. I guess I could go through and add him to that local group as well for each server.

The issue is we have many Citrix servers he will need to access and restart when necessary. Would be much easier if this could be implemened at the domain level versus the local server level.

*EDIT* - adding the domain account to the backup operators group on the local server did nothing. There is still no restart command from the shut down menu.
you can create a small Batch script on the desktop for all users. so incase the user want to shutdown they can run the script.
shutdown /s
kjs00333Author Commented:
Yes, but if the user has no permissions to shut down the server from the regular shut down menu, will this command work for a restart using command line?
first i will want to change my command to shutdown /r so that user restart the machine and not shutdown.
as i think you already have given the permission and seems just the interface is not coming.
Give a try.
To make this, you can execute an "runas" command in a batch file.

In this case, you must use an admin account. Attention, the password are in clear.

You can use a converter Batch to Exe to hide the batch file and the password

Ex :
kjs00333Author Commented:
The problem is I would need to make a separate batch file for each individual server in our environment and that is quite a few. There is no way to do this on the domain level with user permission modifications?
You have, in AD GPO under \Windows parameters\local policies\users right\Shutdown system.

But all users or group who have this right can reboot or SHUTDOWN the server.

I think, it's more secure to use a batch with a log file to know user who have lauched this script.
You need only one batch for all user.
I have tried the local policy option but it is greyed out and I cannot add users.
Please run rsop.msc at the server to see where that greying originates and change that policy. If needed, make that policy apply to all but this server so you can change it locally.

If that does not work out, use a scheduled task to shutdown/restart the server. Scheduled tasks are files, too, so we can modify ACLs on them. Create a task and use some admins credentials in it. Now modify the ACL so that that very user may read and execute that task.
kjs00333Author Commented:
Was able to resolve this by using the Citrix access management console, and playing with some of the citrix administrator custom permissions. User is now able to restart the server and the option is no longer hidden.

Thanks all

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kjs00333Author Commented:
Self - Resolved
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