Citrix XenAp 6.5 - Client Connections crash

Have a freshly deployed XenApp 6.5 environment. I have two servers .. a back end and a front end where the front end is doing pass-through for people outside the firewall.

Everything is working great .. people can access the site and run the deployed applications. The problem i'm running in to is when people have the local attached C drive mapped in the personal desktop environment and try to navigate through it, the session crashes. It doesn't happen one everybody, just sporadically. The server just thinks the person closed out of the session so it remains in "disconnect" mode until they reconnect.

I've contacted Citrix support and it's been useless thus far. Have tried everything from registry changes to re-installing the client software. Nothing has worked so far so I wanted to see if anybody here has experienced this or not.
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Tony JohncockLead Technical ArchitectCommented:

Have you seen this:

Not _exactly_ the same problem but very close to what you describe.

Looks like a downgrade of the secure gateway solved the issue but not sure if you're using SG or not.

Initially though, if that's not helpful - are there any commonalities between the clients? I'd be looking at things like AV/Firewall/version of receiver even to the ISP in question / the type of router they have.

Are there any logs at the time of the failure? How about the local event logs on a client?

I must admit I haven't personally noticed this behaviour before so I'm a bit at a loss to think where to go.
ded2545Author Commented:
That's actually exactly what is happening. There are no event logs or anything indicating an issue. I do have a secure gateway (should have named it that instead of front-end). Somewhat new to Citrix - do you know how to downgrade it?
Is it happening for all or only a particular user? I too had a user close to your problem, where a user logs in, does few things and session crashes. Tried almost everything and finally found that the user local printer was creating the problem since they autocreate during citrix logon. Try to disable printer service on local machine, if possible on the server too and see if that helps..
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ded2545Author Commented:
Just a couple particular users .. i'll try that too.. been on the phone with Citrix and they are absolutely useless. If there isn't a documented case, it's like asking a blind man to find his way out of a maze.
Tony JohncockLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
If it's just a couple of users, I'd suggest trying to find what is common rather the re-engineering the solution such as downgrading the SG.

As I mentioned above - do they have a particular version of the  client/receiver? Is there anything particular about their OS (patch level, AV etc). Do they have a common ISP? Is there anything in the local client event logs when the disconnects occur?
ded2545Author Commented:
The only common thing that they have is they are accessing Citrix over a slower connection. They have different OS's .. different AV .. the only way it was somewhat successful is if they went through the local drive slow and did copy/paste instead of dragging. The only error received is when they reconnect .. it says "invalid MSDOS function" .. which i would assume is caused by the session crashing right when it tries to copy the file. No other events on either side are noted.
Tony JohncockLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
This may not fill you with confidence but you seem to be far from alone:

Some of the purported cures are downgrade the CSG or turn on asynchronous file transfer. That latter may be worth a try. You can enable it with a policy.

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