EXE takes a long time to open from network location


We have a business application installed on a virtual VM running Windows Server 2008 R2.
The software is configured to run as a RemoteApp through  Windows Remote Desktop Services. All users on our WAN use the software this way and it works great.

We have a few users located in the same LAN as the VM and we would like them to be able to run the software directly across the LAN. So we set them up with mapped drives to the server and put the shortcuts on their desktops.

Here's where it gets weird. When they open the network shortcut directly it takes no less than 5 minutes to see the software login screen. Once the user logs in everything works great and it's very responsive. I've monitored the task manager during the startup and it looks like RAM usage for the EXE is increased very slowly from ~1MB to ~27MB, it is at this point that the software opens up on the screen.

I've tried this on both Windows 7 Pro and XP Pro. I've turned off IPv6 both on server and workstation. I've turned off TCP Chimney, RSS, and NetDMA on the server. I've updated the NIC drivers, put the software in the list of firewall exceptions both on the server and the workstations. Our physical server has dual Xeons and 48GB of RAM 8 of which are dedicated to the VM.

Not sure why this is so slow but I'd like to get it fixed and I'm running out of options.

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What antivirus program do you use?
eg: Microsoft Security Essentials is notorious for this, as it scans the EXE for virus before it lets it be opened for execution.  I expect others have similar problems.
Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
You are comparing apples to rocks. :)  Running as a RemoteApp forces the server to do the computing and network communications the application uses.  It just sends the results to the client machine.  Running from a network share forces a much bigger network pipe, forces the client to do the computing, and will interfere with the RemoteApp server in other ways.  In addition to making sure the AV clients on the server(s) and workstation(s) are correctly configured with proper exclusions, I would recommend a couple of things:

1. Make sure the application will support remote EXE execution from a network share.  Some applications simply will not support that configuration.  There is no reason to spin your wheels if you are doing something the application was not designed to do.

2. Create an additional VM which is not a RemoteApp server and see if you get better results by breaking up that workload.

marishalAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys for your input. As much I like to include all details I obviously have missed some :)

There's no anti-virus on the server and I tried it on a workstation without an AV - no impact

The software was running in a different branch in a similar set-up (Remote Desktop Services server) and local users were able to load the software on the network fast, so the software itself supports "remote execution".

Is there anything else pertaining to Windows 2008 R2 that I need to do to enable or make sure that "remote execution" is working properly?

I can't split VMs because 1) not sure if the application will handle multiple front ends with 1 database and 2) we will need additional licenses and management overhead for something you would think should work out of the box.

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Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
Why can't your local users also run it as a RemoteApp?
marishalAuthor Commented:
Because if they ran in RemoteApp they will use up RD licenses and we prefer to avoid the additional expense (we're currently adding users).

It is also quite frustrating that we're running the latest and greatest yet we can't open a 27MB file over the network in a timely manner.
Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
Can you give us the name (and version) of the application you are trying to run?

marishalAuthor Commented:
It's called Humanis and we're running version 2007.0.0.62
Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:

There are actually several software packages I found with that title.  Would you mind giving the vendor information as well?  I am trying to research it to see if a remote operation environment is supported.  Often times vendor white papers will include information like that.

marishalAuthor Commented:
The server was replaced and we no longer have this issue

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marishalAuthor Commented:
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