iSCSI connection-Server 2008 R2 to Dell MD3000i

We've got a Dell MD3000i with 2 datastores configured.  One server connects to each datastore.  I recently re-installed the OS on one of the servers (went from Server Core to Server 2008 R2) and am unable to get the connection working again between this server and the SAN.

I added the server's iSCSI intitiator name to the SAN, I have 2 NICs in the server both configured on the same subnet as the SAN controllers.  When I try to discover any of the controller IP addresses in Windows iSCSI intitiator, I get a dialog saying "Connection Failed" and 3 events logged in Event Viewer.
I've mirrored the settings for the NICs from the server that is still attached and I cannot figure out why I can't connect to the MD3000i.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.
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cciservicesAuthor Commented:
Also, I disabled the firewall while attempting to get the server and storage connected.
cciservicesAuthor Commented:
I've already viewed that and it is not helpful.
Addressing each of the possible causes in that article:
Cause 1: The name and IP of the iSCSI target have not changed.
Cause 2: The target cannot have reached it's max number of incoming connections because we had two before and now we only have one.  I am trying to establish the second connection.
Cause 3: I suppose this is possible, but just saying "a transient network issue prevented connectivity" doesn't help resolve what is preventing the connection.
Cause 4: The network stack is not fully prepared.  Again I suppose this is possible, but there are no troubleshooting steps or advice on how to diagnose this.
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try to reconfigure your iscsi setting from scratch.
cciservicesAuthor Commented:
Done that several times already.
try thtis:

from the properties of your iscsi initiator, click on discovery tab, you will see that both ip address and card are selected by default, we need to change that to ip address of your SAN portal and you ip of inintiator, so click discover portal button, then enter the ip address of your SAN Portal with the port 3260, after that click on the advanced button and select the ip address of your initiator instead of by default.

to learn more about this issue search google of what does mean: Portal Hopping in ISCSI.
if your french language is good then visit:
good luck!
cciservicesAuthor Commented:
Nope.  I've tried it both ways, with portal hopping (using Default for Adapter and IP Address) and by explicitly telling it the Adapter and initiator IP to use.  Both ways result in "Connection failed"
cciservicesAuthor Commented:
Question: Should I be able to ping the IP address of a controller on the MD3000i BEFORE getting the iSCSI connection functioning?
note someone said i Resolved this issue by manually add 3260/3261 inbound ports to Windows Firewall to access Starwind ISCSI Targets. This should be done automatically during install.
cciservicesAuthor Commented:
Right, but I have the firewall turned off.
yes of course you should have the ping functional from your iscsi initiator to your iscsi target
I would guess the problem is at the target. Try to connect using a crossover cable to see if there might be some kind of issue between the target and initiator
cciservicesAuthor Commented:
I did not change anything with the storage array.  All I did was re-install the OS on a server.  I didn't move any wires.  It has to be a configuration issue that I am missing or don't understand.
Check the ports,  are the same on the target?
cciservicesAuthor Commented:
I don't understand your question.
cciservicesAuthor Commented:
I've got it figured out.  I was going off of a network diagram that doesn't match the physical wiring.  I noticed it when I checked the VLAN configuration on the switch between the server and the storage array.

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cciservicesAuthor Commented:
In looking at the switch, I saw that the VLAN IDs did not match the network diagram I had.  I figured this out on my own, so I am accepting my own comment as the solution.
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