Sharepoint Services 3.0 timer error

The Sharepoint 3.0 installation on my 2008 SBS is throwing out the following application errors daily.

Windows SharePoint Services 3      27745

This is immediately followed by

Windows SharePoint Services 3      6772            1
Event Details:    
There was an internal error invoking the timer job ''{FD730E80-C470-4D92-B0E5-F57C98ABDF4A}'' for service ''{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}''.

How can I prevent this error?
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FastFngrzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In Central Administration, you should be able to correlate the timing of the errors in event viewer with the Timer Job History.

Also, as noted above, the ULS Viewer tool at is a great tool to be able to analyse the ULS logs, which will most certainly identify the job in question.
First of all you have to identify which service is create issue :

Look at registry : '{FD730E80-C470-4D92-B0E5-F57C98ABDF4A} and find out which belong to this registry.

Then find out - why this service is causing issue.
DesertDawgAuthor Commented:
A registry search doesn't find that key.  Which category is it under?
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Download a tool called ULC viewer. It will help you in analyse the sharepoint log files.

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You could QUERY the SharePoint config database to determine a name of the Job based on those GUIDs.

WARNING: Microsoft does not support SharePoint if your databases have been modified through any means other than the UI, approved STSADM commands, or the object model. (Reading is okay, just don't change anything.)

Query would look something like this:
  FROM [SharePoint_Config].[dbo].[TimerRunningJobs]
  WHERE [JobId] = 'FD730E80-C470-4D92-B0E5-F57C98ABDF4A'

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Any new info on this issue?

Hi  DesertDawg,

I have this same error with SBS 2008 but only once or twice per week. Did you find what service it was?

I downloaded ULS Viewer but my logs only show jobs back as far as the 18th and the last time i had an error was on the 16th so i think i have missed my window of opportunity this time around. I'll watch for the next one though.

From Central Administration, i can only find a jobs last run time. I can't see a complete history so these two things correlate timings

 - I also can't find that in the registry
 - I don't know how to run that DB query

I think it is OWSTIMER.EXE but in that case, i still don't know how to resolve this error
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