Windows 7 x64 Areo Lockup

The setup..
  Fresh install Win7 x64 dual monitor setup on a Nvidia Quadro FX-580 with latest drivers.
  Dell T3500 with Xeon, 12gb Ram, Quadro FX-580

The error..

When using a Win7 Areo theme the pc will lock up and show a pretty neat rainbow effect after a few minutes no matter if it is idle or being used. If i turn off the Aero theme the PC is fine till the cows come home. It just when i select a Aero Theme.

I uninstalled the older Nvidia drivers and did a fresh install of the newest one's
Same issue. Updated the Bios, chipset and just about every other driver avalable.

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I would try a different video card - this behavior doesn't sound normal.
Check this article: - do you have this utility running?  There seems to have been a bug in it.
DavHorlAuthor Commented:
I have no 3rd party themes or utilities running that would enhance the display output.
DavHorlAuthor Commented:
Bad video card, Replaced with same make model and no issues in 3 days
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