Help with seeing vertical and horizontal lines of a table and setting background and text colors of eve and odd rows


How do  I see the  vertical and horizontal lines of a table and How do I set background and text colors of even and odd rows in my report?


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ValentinoVBI ConsultantCommented:
"How do  I see the  vertical and horizontal lines of a table "

Do you mean when the report is rendered?  You can use the Border properties to set the cell borders.

"How do I set background and text colors of even and odd rows in my report?"

For alternating coloring you can use the RowNumber function in an expression.  The following would be an example of a possible expression on the BackgroundColor property of a textbox (table cell):

=IIf(RowNumber("YourDataSet") Mod 2 = 0, "Blue", "Transparent")

More info:

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vcharlesAuthor Commented:
Yes, I mean when they see the report, I need to be able to see how the colums are separated.
I am fairly new at this, will look for the borders property and set it as you suggested.
 where do I enter =IIf(RowNumber("YourDataSet") Mod 2 = 0, "Blue", "Transparent")

ValentinoVBI ConsultantCommented:
The expression goes into the BackgroundColor property which you'll find as one of the properties of a textbox (i.e. cell in a tablix).

BTW: are you using the SSRS designer or .NET code (I noticed you've got the ASP.NET topic in your question as well as SSRS).
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vcharlesAuthor Commented:
I am using using SSRS, but thought they also use the same type of report (RDLC) with SQL.
I have another question, perhaps you can help me answer it on the same post or I can open another post.

Previously my data was in a table format with multiple records displayed, now I need to display one record per page, how do I modify my code.

For example:

Table Format:

Country   Address Zip   Item
BEL            xyz        112  Car
CAN           xyz        112  Car
DEU           xyz        112  Car
FRA           xyz         112  Car

Now I need

Record 1 of 4

Country    BEL
Address    xyz
Zip            112
Item         Car

Record 2 of 4

Country    CAN
Address    xyz
Zip            112
Item         Car

Record 3 of 4

Country    DEU
Address    xyz
Zip            112
Item         Car

Record 4 of 4

Country    FRA
Address    xyz
Zip            112
Item         Car

Below is the code I am currently using to display the data using a datatable:

 Dim FilteredDT As DataTable
 Dim DV As New DataView(dt, SearchCriteria, Nothing, DataViewRowState.CurrentRows)
        FilteredDT = DV.ToTable
 Dim reportDataSource As New Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportDataSource()
        reportDataSource.Name = "MyDataSet_Links"
        reportDataSource.Value = FilteredDT


vcharlesAuthor Commented:
ValentinoVBI ConsultantCommented:
If you have other questions (such as the one in comment 37799753) it's better to open other questions instead of putting them in an already open one...  That's more in line with the Problem/Solution philosophy.

You'll also attract more experts looking at the problem in question because they can then focus on just that one particular issue.
vcharlesAuthor Commented:
Got it. Thanks.
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