3rd party software can't update


I have been asked to look at a site that has three pc's that can't update some programs automatically.

On one AVG anti-virus fails to see an internet connection and will not get updates, however if i open internet explorer i can view the web ok.

On another, windows updates will not work although MS security essentials will update ok.

On all these machines (xp & win 7) if i login as administrator it works ok, users have local admin rights on pc's.

The server is running SBS 2003 and has ISA server on it too.

Any thoughts?

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We are always glad to help, but you are really asking several questions within this narrative.

- You are running both AVG Antivirus and Microsoft Security Essentials on this small domain?  May I ask why?  It's much easier to troubleshoot a standardized configuration.

- One of the machines has difficulty with Windows Updates, but we should stress that this isn't 3rd-party software so it doesn't really fall under the jurisdiction of the topic heading.  That could be a problem with the client itself, or the way that your domain is configured to pull Windows Updates (either from the Internet, or from a local server).

- Have you checked the Windows event logs on both the client workstations as well as the servers?
FozziebAuthor Commented:
ok, they ran out of licenses for avg and did not know how to buy more so the boss installed MS Security on this one pc.

on the pc that apps cant update, windows update does not work too (ok not 3rd party)

it's just odd that you can go online, download an app (say Adobe Reader) install it but when it tries to update it tells you you are not connected to the internet. If you log out and login as admin it works ok. It looks like a profile/permissions issue but I have no ide where this would be set as it is only two users/systems, i will try get the user to login to a pc that does update and see what happens).

Are there proxy? How is the application being deployed as part of the user configuration or part of the computer configuration? User is a restricted user and does not have install rights.
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FozziebAuthor Commented:
Hi there are no proxies, the software in some cases is already on the pc (adobe reader, flash player) others are installed on the pc manually.

Users can install the programs fine, can browse the web fine, the app's that get installed just fail to update.

An example would be CutePDF, I can download and install it as the user, during the install it has to connect to internet and download the pdf converter but this fails. I can go download this part of the app and install in manually ok. I can also install this fine on other pc's, so i know that it works.

I am going back in to look at it tomorrow morning.

Are you pushing updates, or if you are relying to software to update through their own processies, do the users have admin or install rights?
Adobe products and other while include the builtin software update process, require that the user that applied the update have the appropriate rights to perform such updates.
A restricted user lacks those rights.
Check whether the software vendor that you wish to keep up to date has a distribution service that they offer, sign up and then use Computer GPO software install to push software/updates to the computers as you see fit.

Alternatively, you could use computer OU startup scripts to apply updates if you have the MSP, MSI, etc. files that do not need user input or that you can provide a response file.

You could grant users admin/power user rights on the workstation such that they can updapte the software, but be aware that they will have the rights to install any software whether they want to or not, i.e. get a "fake" email saying install this. etc.
FozziebAuthor Commented:
Turns out they had ISA server and the client on all machines, this was blocking windows update and software updates (not sure why only some systems) i have temporarily disabled it and everything starts to work. Now just need to go through it and reconfigure access.

Thanks for the advice.

Not sure how to end this question.

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FozziebAuthor Commented:
Solved this issue myself but by look for a proxy server as noted by @arnold I found that Internet Explorer was routing through ISA Server as a proxy.
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