Who needs Google Chrome and why?

I know a couple, and the guy loads his computer up with many video game sites, and any tool bar, or free offer, that is made to him, he says yes, or OK.
So, I looked at his program list and found a few things that were fine to un-install.
By the way, his system shows only 89% of his drive as being used.
Though the computer is very slow, poor loading pages, etc. He has the same IP as I do.

We got down to Google Chrome. I asked him why he had that and he said because he needed it to use Google dot com. (??)
I told him he did not, and I asked him again why he needed it and I got no answer.
I said that I was going to remove it, and if he wanted it back later on, it is there for him to get.

So, who needs Chrome and why?

Is Chrome to Google, what Bing is to Windows, or MSN?
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Chrome is like Internet Explorer or Firefox or Safari or Opera. It's just an internet browser made by Google.

You don't need Chrome to access google.com. But Chrome is simple and fast, so I recommend using it!!

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
It's a matter of preference.  Ford makes cars, Chrysler makes cars, Honda makes cars, Toyota makes cars... so who need Hyundai and why?  Choice.

In some cases, a car (or a web site) may require a certain browser or it may PREFER a certain browser.  Google has many apps that are web based and Chrome, one would expect, since it's made by google, would have the greatest level of compatibility.  But if you ask me, the odds of noticing a problem with other browsers is probably pretty slip (Google isn't stupid and knows they have to support other platforms)
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
I won't use IE any more - it is too slow and too irritating to get anything done since IE9 and as I know what I am doing, I want to get where I want to go without having to ask IE's permission to get there.  Chrome gets me where I want to be without the fuss and hassle.  In my humble opinion - it is way better than IE and a must for ALL computer users (other browsers exist).

Sure - you don't need Chrome to use Google - you can use any browser to use Google.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You can use whatever browser you wish. So personal preference as has been noted.

However, you do not *need* Chrome for anything I am aware of and you do not *need* Firefox for anything I am aware of.

I use IE9 by preference and it is trouble-free and fast for me and looks after 100.0% of my needs (which are many, except I do not run games and I do not go to dodgy sites).

Still, after all is said and done:  Personal Preference. I do not criticize what others use on a personal basis.  ..... Thinkpads_User
Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderCommented:
One doesn't "need" Google Chrome, it is a choice. Some look at it as Google-sanctioned spyware, but that may be a little paranoid.
Hi Friend,

Google offers this Browser for a Faster Browsing experience.  Specially Google Search on Google Chrome will do Fast than any other Browser.  Mozilla Fire Fox also a Good Browser you can browse fast.  

I Seems how they look and how the User Friendly is the Browser.

P. Praveen Raj
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Since I design web pages, I 'need' all the browsers including Chrome so I can see what my pages look like in them.  But most people don't need all of them.  89% drive usage is kind of high to me.  I usually start by removing ALL toolbars from ALL browsers because each one of them reports home on every web page you visit and that takes time.  Some of them are simply malware and invite other bad programs to your computer.
nickg5Author Commented:
DaveBaldwin: Their C drive is 89% free, only 11% used.

I'm getting various "new" (started in recent days) issues with either IE or Windows. I'm getting messages that a site wants to offer me a popup message. Sites that did not do this last week. It seems like IE is suddenly letting popups happen, so I must allow them, or not allow them.
IE is also giving me the "certificate" "secure content" on webpages where it did not last week or so.
It's even doing on one of their own sites which is Hotmail.
So, IE is detecting it's own mail program as not secure.

I like FF except the way it opens a photo, it has to download the file, then a link to click bottom right, and close the download-add-on window.

I've never tried Chrome, maybe I will.

I have IE 9.0 and if I am not mistaken, and I may be, IE 9.0 can not be removed from my system. It's not in my program list.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
IE 9.0 isn't a program, it is an Update!  o to Control Panel> Programs & Features> Installed Updates and you should see Windows Internet Explorer 9 in the list which you can Uninstall.
Our webteam typically are the only ones who get additional browsers, to test their apps in. What would worry me is how they installed it (have they admin rights/power user), and any additional software outside your standard build adds to patching requirements and scope of your patch mgmt responsibility. Especially web browsers. I did like his sarcy answer though of he needs chrome to access google :)
Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderCommented:
Chrome patches itself automatically.
nickg5Author Commented:
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