Windows 7 black screen of death - battery died

Today I was getting a number of blue screens on my I rebooted in safe mode to check the error log.

While I was in the midst of that - my infant daughter distracted me (they have a habit of doing that) - and like a moron I forgot to check if my laptop was plugged in.  So - the battery died while in safe mode.

Now - when I start - it gives me the option of going to the BIOS (F2) - but progresses no further.  Once the bios loads - there's just a blinking cursor line and it goes no further.  I cannot get to safe mode, the recovery partition, etc.

Am I hosed - or is there a way around this?
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R. Andrew KoffronCommented:
well I doubt being distracted made a whole lot of difference.  my reflex guess is a failing hard drive or motherboard.  you can pick up a laptop drive for under 100.00 I'd start there and see if it makes a difference make sure you buy it from someplace with an easy return policy.
kanalQkoTechnical Support EngineerCommented:
could you provide more information about your laptop, model. no/vendor. When you turn on laptot, do you hear some beep (or more beeps) sound?
are you able to boot from DVD/USB?
Jackie ManCommented:
remove the battery, plug in electricty supply and switch on the laptop again...
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Raymond PengSystems EngineerCommented:
Can you run on board diagnostics in the bios? And report back. Try unseating the battery for an hour or so and let it discharge, try again
Press F2 and verify that the system still has parameters for a hard drive. It may be as simple as the BIOS lost the settings for your hard drive.

I agree with @l33tf0b on running the on board diagnostics. This will help you identify if the issue is hardware related (failed component).

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post the minidump here for more info  -find it in windows\minidumps
how to copy it :
-hook the drive to a working PC and copy the file
-or boot from a live Knoppix cd to copy to an USB stick or disk

do not forget to charge the battery -  or run from AC alone
kanalQkoTechnical Support EngineerCommented:
@nobus screen won`t generate any dump, only bluescreen generates memory dump
@kanalQko  - he also posted "getting a number of blue screens on my laptop" read correct before trying to correct other people please
kanalQkoTechnical Support EngineerCommented:
@nobus i`m sorry i missed it
no problem ; it happens to everyone - so i refrain from commenting on other experts
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