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IIS7 host headers through load balancer multiple ip addresses

I have a webserver with multiple websites and 2 public ip's.  xxx.xxx.xxx.1 and xxx.xxx.xxx.2
the public ip xxx.xxx.xxx.1 has multiple dns entries e.g. web1.site.com, web2.site.com,web3.site.com and there are 3 websites each using host headers.

web1.site.com -> xxx.xxx.xxx.1 ->  website1
web2.site.com -> xxx.xxx.xxx.1 ->  website2
web3.site.com -> xxx.xxx.xxx.1 ->  website3
 xxx.xxx.xxx.2 has no dns entries associated with it

what i would like to have happen is allow http://xxx.xxx.xxx.2 access to website3 but not have http://xxx.xxx.xxx.1 access to website3.  
in order to get http://xxx.xxx.xxx.2 to work i had to put in the internal ip address of the webserver as a host header.  when i do that it allows xxx.xxx.xxx.1 to return a page as well.  

am i asking for the impossible?
so in summary I want the following

http:\\web1.site.com should work and display website1
http:\\web2.site.com should work and display website2
http:\\web3.site.com should work and display website3
http:\\xxx.xxx.xxx.2 should work and display website3
http:\\xxx.xxx.xxx.1 should go to an error page

Thanks in advance
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Sanjay SantokiCommented:

You simply need to add a host header on website 3 with xxx.xxx.xxx.2 IP, port 80 and host header blank.

Sanjay Santoki
stevetheskiAuthor Commented:
i tried that but it does not work
I believe it is due t the virtual ip from the load balancer
stevetheskiAuthor Commented:
please close this Q
stevetheskiAuthor Commented:
i asked for the impossible :)
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