mpls 11mb connection

I am planning to get a mpls service for my office. I am getting a Cisco router to support the 11mb mpls connection. Do you know if the connection is a gig connection or fiber? It is Paetec by the way. Any suggestions on the specific type of Cisco routers with QoS? I was thinking of the Cisco 2921. Thanks
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--> Do you know if the connection is a gig connection or fiber?

First, "gig or fiber" makes no sense.  "gig" is a speed and "fiber" is a physical medium.  The speed is 11 Mbps.  They physical medium will depend on your service provider.  You need to find out from them what their hand off to you is.  Single mode fiber, multi mode fiber, coax, 1000BASE-T, or something else.

A 2921 would work just fine.
As far as the router... the 2921 is a good choice. We have run the older 2851 routers on much larger MPLS connections without issue. As far as QoS is concerned, make sure you talk to your ISP. QoS tags need to be recognized and trusted within the MPLS cloud. Most providers offer some kind of stripped QoS options.
biggynetAuthor Commented:

What do you base on to select a specific Cisco router connection for the MPLS connection? I chose the 2921 because I used to have a 2821 and it is end-of-life, that is why I select the 2921. Is there any guidance or best practices as far as choosing Cisco routers for specific MPLS connection? 3mb or 10.5mb or more? Thx
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You need to look at a combination of features and hardware. If you are going to be using static routes with no other features and an 11mb connection then the 2921 is probably overkill. I would recommend the 2921 router for a 11mb connecting because it can run most services with adequate throughput for a 11mb connection. If you were planing on moving to a 100mb connect while running BGP, QoS, IPS, and Netflow I would strongly encourage you to go to the 3925. Unfortunately, there isn't a black and white router selection tool that gives you the perfect router size due to the many factors involved. My recommendation is just based on experience with the 2800 series and similar connections.

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biggynetAuthor Commented:
Is there a guideline on how much resource a Cisco IOS service (like BGP, QoS, netflow, etc...) take to run in relation to a 10mb connection for example; so that we can select the appropriate router and memory? Thx
How many routes do you plan to get via BGP?
biggynetAuthor Commented:
With the VPN MPLS, the full table update is just the routes from my network. So for a 6 sites MPLS full meshed connection, it's no big deal. Correct?
Should not be.  It's not really the number of sites, but the number of subnets that can be summarized at each site.  I would assume that it would be just a few from each site.

I would agree with BDC-Net on the 2921.  It should have more than enough power to handle 10 Mbps MPLS link and the standard 512MB of RAM should be able to handle your BGP requirements.  It can be upgraded to 2.5 GB of RAM (a 2GB Cisco approved upgrade is about $400, a 3rd party upgrade is about $170).
I have a few 2800 routers that are getting over 3000 BGP routes while doing QoS, SNMP, and sending Netflow with no problem on a 64mb connection. I am thinking you should be just fine.
biggynetAuthor Commented:
Will the 1941 work?
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