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I have restored a database from a full backup and it restored just fine.
I can see the database and tables and data with in the table.

When I try to create a new Database diagram and select all the columns, it creates a diagram, BUT, the relationship lines between the tables do no show up.

Any idea how to get the lines to show?

Thank you,
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jamesnioxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In my personal experience, I didn't meet a way to make a full backup while skipping FKs, it seems strange, or simply there were no FK.

In our data warehouse we do not create relationships between tables as far as they're aggregated and we don't need them for cubes, so yes, it is possible to make a database without FKs. It is a normal behavior into a data warehouse.

If possible ask to the author of this database how comes it happens, it could be an obvious reason, or may be something else.

Hope this'll help you.

Have a great week.
hafeezmcaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You can turn on relationship labels by right clicking in your diagram and select "Show Relationship Labels."
Hope this solution works for you.
jamesnioxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Noa,
Did you check if your relationships always exists between your tables?
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noamco36Author Commented:
I dont know.
the is what I have:
I received a SQL db full backup from offsite and restored it on my local machine.
Then I created  the Database diagram in SSMS , but cant see any lines between the tables.
Could it be that the database/tables dont have relationships to begin with?
But this would not make sense, I mean who would create a database that has no relationships in its tables?
noamco36Author Commented:
When will the lines appear in the diagram?
If the there PKs or FKs or Any Key?
hafeezmcaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should have both primay and foreign key defined.
Relationship works between Primay & Foreign keys.
You cant have a foreign key unless you have defined the primary key.
In case if you want to learn how to create the relationships then check out the below link:

Anthony PerkinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
But this would not make sense, I mean who would create a database that has no relationships in its tables?
You would be amazed...

But suffice to say if you restored a true backup for the database and it showed no relationships than you can only conclude that the source database does not have any.
jamesnioxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Noa,
how is it going?
did you solve your issue?
noamco36Author Commented:
Hi jamesniox, thanks for checking back.

"Hi Noa,
Did you check if your relationships always exists between your tables?"

What I have is a full backup of the original db that came from a different server. when I restored it on my machine, I also generated a new diagram via SSMS and saw no FK relationship. that means that in the original database there were no relationships to begin with, correct?
Or could it be that whoever did the full backup on the original server somehow missed to include the FK relationships in the backup and this is why they restored as just indipendent (stand-alone) tables?
noamco36Author Commented:
Yeh, the author... go figure who that is...
I was just told "here is the db , go figure it out."

Anyways, it looks like I will have to stick with no FK for now.
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