file named "Program" with no extension randomly created

We have a brand new SBS2011 server setup and under the Data Drive (F) a random file keeps appearing named: Program .  This file has no extension and is 1kb.  Our concern is having that file there is causing issues with services starting from that drive.  every time we delete that file it shows up again randomly within the hour...


also this is a brand new server, so a virus is very unlikely
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Do you have all files and folders, system files showing? Is this happening on the console when logged in, or can users see it form their workstations as well?
tampatechmanAuthor Commented:
all files and folders view is enabled.  
This shows up when we are logged in or off.  
Users cant see it because that main directory is not shared
Is there anything else on the F Drive? Have you migrated any services yet such as Exchange or sharepoint or user data to this drive?
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tampatechmanAuthor Commented:
we dont use sharepoint so it was not migrated.  we have our user data and Exchange data on this drive and users email was migrated from SBS 2003
This is related to XP, but I did find something else having this same issue. Researching further but here is the discussion of this happening on XP.
tampatechmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that link.  Dont think it helps in this specific situation though.

I have renamed Program to Program1, however another Program appears within the hour randomly...
you probably have some command line script or path variable set up that refered to Program Files
but you don't have the full path in quotes so it's interpreting the space as a break


echo "Hello" > C:\Program Files\file.txt
echo "Hello" > "C:\Program Files\file.txt"
I highly doubt this is a brand new, just-completed installation of SBS2011 as you indicated as this simply does not happen unless there is a script causing it.
for a clue, open the file with notepad
see what's inside
tampatechmanAuthor Commented:
It is a brand new SBS install.  

ZShaver - great idea though to open with notepad.  See contents below:

      Discovers = 12.
      Offers = 12.
      Delayed Offers = 0.
      Requests = 16.
      Acks = 73.
      Naks = 0.
      Declines = 0.
      Releases = 0.
      ServerStartTime = Tuesday, April 03, 2012 12:46:03 PM  
      Scopes = 1.
      Scopes with Delay configured= 0.
      Subnet =
            No. of Addresses in use = 5.
            No. of free Addresses = 176.
            No. of pending offers = 0.

Server Database Properties :  

      DatabaseName              = dhcp.mdb
      DatabasePath              = C:\Windows\system32\dhcp
      DatabaseBackupPath        = C:\Windows\system32\dhcp\backup
      DatabaseBackupInterval    = 60 mins.
      DatabaseLoggingFlag       = 1
      DatabaseRestoreFlag       = 0
      DatabaseCleanupInterval   = 60 mins.

Server Status:
      Server Attrib - Rogue Authorization Succeeded :TRUE
      Server Attrib - Dynamic BootP Support Enabled :TRUE
      Server Attrib - DHCP Server Part Of DS        :TRUE
      Server Attrib - DHCP Server Bindings Aware    :TRUE
      Server Attrib - Administrative Rights         :TRUE

So thoughts......
DHCP, its a DHCP log - go into your DHCP Service and see where it is logging to

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tampatechmanAuthor Commented:
DHCP server shows logging set to C:\Windows\system32\dhcp
so it's a reporting function or log file that is getting dumped to that file:

commands being executed to get this data is:

netsh dhcp serverName show mibinfo
netsh dhcp serverName show dbproperties
netsh dhcp serverName show show serverstatus
destination was probably:  C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\Logs\MonitoringServiceLogs
Weird how its showing up on F. Did you change any DHCP settings after building the server?
actually the command to get that log is just

netsh dhcp serverName show all

but anyways

it seems even more unlikely that this is a fresh install of windows sbs when you're saying that you're concerned about services not being able to start from your "Data" drive (F:)... windows doesn't arbitrarily throw services out to other drives afaik.

so it's probably something you installed to that drive that's causing the issue, maybe one of these "services" that are on that drive are outputting this data into a log file in it's own program folder, so that it can be parsed and analysed and used by the service/application, but a path might not be set correctly in that application's configuration as I stated it needs quotes or no spaces, or supplementing Program Files with PROGRA~1

Say you installed application to F:\Program Files\App1....
Maybe try just reinstalling the whole app to F:\App1 so there there are no spaces in the filename

If the command is hard-coded into the executable without quotes, there will be no way for you to fix this without reinstalling the app to a location containing no spaces
tampatechmanAuthor Commented:
ZShaver - I assure you this is a new SBS install.  We moved Exchange and several other directories to the Data drive instead of C.  We have installed Quickbooks and a LOB application to F and it has services assigned to it.  

When I run netsh dhcp serverName show all I get The following command was not found: dhcp serverName show all.
"netsh dhcp server show all " sorry
tampatechmanAuthor Commented:
Splitting points as both contributed well.  Since we know its a dhcp issue now - we have just disabled DHCP on the SBS server and enabled it on the router. Thanks for the help everyone.
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