How to increase to larger capacity drives


I have a server that needs more drive space. Basically, I'd like to upgrade the drives to higher capacity drives. How would I do this? Can I clone the drives using TrueImage? If so, how, specifically? Here's the existing config. Let me know if you need more info:

    * 2 sata drives
    * RAID 1. CERC SATA 2S onboard
    * C: and E: partitions on same physical drive
    * Motherboard has 2 sata ports
    * Windows 2000 Advanced server

Thank you,
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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Do you know which limit of max drive size your mobo has? If yes and if you are sure that your new drives of bigger capacity are going to be supported then take backup to external HDD - then configure RAID with bigger drives and after that boot the machine from backup software boot CD and restore from backup to new RAID.
It will be better to have external Drive with RAID connected to this server and then have the additional drive. I assume this is very old server as it has windows 2000 and may be in future you will move to new server.
NVITAuthor Commented:
Hi Anuroopsundd,

Thanks for responding. Yes, fairly old. It's a Dell SC1420.

How about these ideas. What do you think? I appreciate anyone's input.

- Cloning it into a virtual machine?
- Installing a sata controller and raiding 2 drives?
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That will be good idea to change this to virtual machine if it fits the requirement... then you don't have to worry about in future also when you change the Hardware
NVITAuthor Commented:
noxcho, Anu,

Thanks both for your help.

I forgot to mention -- it's running a program that the client doesn't want to upgrade to newer version -- too expensive.

@noxcho: What's a reliable external drive to do the backup & restore from?
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Just standard USB drive or network share will be ok. I use WD external drive but have happily used Transcend drives as well.
If you have network share with enough room then it should be also ok.
NVITAuthor Commented:
Would the following work?
1. Download RAID drivers from Dell for use in True Image (TI) Universal Restore.
2. Use TI to image one of existing drives to external drive. -- But, I'm not sure if TI will see the external drive.
3. Put existing drives in safe place.
4. Install new drives.
5. Build RAID1.
6. Run Universal Restore using downloaded drivers.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Just boot your machine from the TI Boot CD and see if it detects the RAID correctly (the same way Windows Disk Management shows it). It could be that you do not need to download any drivers.
After this test you can take backup to USB drive (it must detect it otherwise the TI is a lame software).
No need to use Universal Restore here. Because you are not going to migrate your OS to dissimilar hardware. Only to upgrade the HDDs as far as I understood you.
NVITAuthor Commented:
Hi noxcho,

Yes -- just upgrading to larger drives. I'll try it. Thank you for your input -- much appreciated.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
No problem. Happens you doubt in something, just ask. Better to ask before than look for help later =)
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