cisco router 1841(i.e. gateway) getting slow

my cisco router 1841(i.e. gateway) getting slow always and when i ping this router from my LAN the response time is more than 300 ms and its veriations too. when i restarted it will working fine for sometimes only and response time will reduce to 1-2 ms but after sometims it will go very high again.
Please help me to fix this.
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If you add up all of the bandwidth that the router may be handling, what number do you get? You may have reached its throughput limit.
Matt VCommented:
Can you post the results of show run with all the username/password and IPs obscured?
Jan SpringerCommented:
Also post:

  sh proc cpu sorted
  sh proc mem
  sh int | inc protocol|5 minute
  sh buffer
nainasipraAuthor Commented:
still under observation, i will get back to you soon.
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