Count of perticular word in table

I have table with columns (Id int, Userid int, LogData Varchar(500), Date DateTIme) containing data in LogData as,
Data Mining
Web Mining
Website for data mining

I want a result as,
Word              Count
Data                   3
Mining               3
Web                   1
Website             1
For                     1
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A simple count aggregate function should do the job

I am copying the appropriate query here (Replace Table1 with the appropriate table name):

SELECT LogData as WORD, Count(LogData) as WordCount
FROM Table1
Group By LogData;

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Imran Javed ZiaConsultant Software Engineer - .NET ArchitectCommented:

This is thing is called as frequency of words. You better have to create list of tokenes/words from the given text in temp table or in memory table.
then you have to loop/cursor for each token against the text. you can use CharIndex(str1, str2, startIndex) funtion for this.


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Imran Javed ZiaConsultant Software Engineer - .NET ArchitectCommented:
There is one more way to do this by using group by.
Create List of all tokens and insert into the memory table
Then query the memory table as following:

      token  VARCHAR(500)      
 -- add all tokens into @Tokens, for this you can use newline, punctuations and space as delimeter

SELECT token, COUNT(*) AS Frequency
FROM @Tokens  
GROUP BY token
Order by Frequency
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Try this

select DATA, COUNT(Data) Cnt from dbo.Split((SELECT LogData AS [data()] FROM tableName FOR XML PATH('')), ' ') group by Data

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split function

	@RowData nvarchar(2000),
	@SplitOn nvarchar(5)
RETURNS @RtnValue table 
	Id int identity(1,1),
	Data nvarchar(100)
	Declare @Cnt int
	Set @Cnt = 1

	While (Charindex(@SplitOn,@RowData)>0)
		Insert Into @RtnValue (data)
			Data = ltrim(rtrim(Substring(@RowData,1,Charindex(@SplitOn,@RowData)-1)))

		Set @RowData = Substring(@RowData,Charindex(@SplitOn,@RowData)+1,len(@RowData))
		Set @Cnt = @Cnt + 1
	Insert Into @RtnValue (data)
	Select Data = ltrim(rtrim(@RowData))


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Here is another option:
declare @Table table (id int identity, LogData varchar(500))

insert into @Table values('Data')
insert into @Table values('Data Mining')
insert into @Table values('Web Mining')
insert into @Table values('Website for data mining')

Select Word, Count(1) Count
  From (
        select l.w.value('.','varchar(20)') Word
         Select cast('<w>' + replace(logdata, ' ', '</w><w>') + '</w>' as xml) as LogData 
           From @Table
        ) as t(Words)
        cross apply Words.nodes('w') l(w)
       ) as words
group by word

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Word                 Count
-------------------- -----------
Data                 3
for                  1
mining               3
Web                  1
Website              1

(5 row(s) affected)

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Try this

select val, COUNT(val) cnt from (
  r.value('.', 'nvarchar(100)') as Val
from (select cast('<r>'+replace((SELECT LogData AS [data()] FROM tableName FOR XML PATH('')), ' ', '</r><r>')+'</r>' as xml)) as x(x)
  cross apply
    x.nodes('r') as r(r)
group by val

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For the original question, would you ever need to count the word 'site'? Because "Website" contains 'site', are you concerned that it might be counted? (Or that it might be missed?)

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