Boot manager of Windfows Vista and Windows Seven missing/corrupt

I have an Asus motherboard P6T Deluxe V2. Due to an inverter power break down my APC UPS also tripped and caused the PC to shut down. After that when I booted the PC, an error used to come that cannot find floppy drive press F1 to resume. Pressing that button brought me back to the old familiar multiple boot menu of XP, Vista and windows Seven. Since this was annoying I decided to get rid of it by upgrading the bios from Version 1108 to Version 1202.
When the bios was upgraded the floppy disk error went but for the first time in my computer life I found upgrading a bios to cause problems. I could manage to boot to Windows XP in safe mode with networkinng but could not boot either to Vista or to Seven. From Windows XP I managed to go to the Asus Website and managed to revert back to the old bios 1108 by flashing it. After that I could go to Windows XP but still could not access Vista & Seven. The BCD boot loader was either missing or had become corrupted. I tried to repair Windows Seven and Vista by their discs but failed to. I had Acronis images of all the three Windows. The latest was of Windows Seven being of Feb 2012 but even that was old because I used Seven the most frequently. i therefore decided to restore Vista from a Nov 2011 Acronis image. But even after restoraton of Windows Vista Nov 2011 I still could not boot either to Vista or to Seven. I tried the Windows Repair from Windows vista Disk but it seems that the BCD is still corrupt or missing I can only boot to Windows XP but not to Vista nor to Seven. So how to bring back the boot of Windows Seven & Windows Seven
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Maybe the BIOS upgrade changed your BIOS settings so the HD controller is set to a different mode. Check if you have something like AHCI mode or SATA mode, or Compatible mode etc, and try different settings.
SALEM586Author Commented:
This did not come across to my mind but I did check it, itis the same as it was before because all the three Windows are on their respective SCSI Drives and so SATA is configured as IDE  not as AHCI or SATA. There are three other SATA HDDS but not one has as any Windows on it. I think that the BCD has become corrupt. Twice I increased the size of the area covered by Windows Seven by first making an image of it and then deleting all the partitions and formatting it by an another Acronis Software  or even by the same software and then increasing the size covered by Windows Seven. On both the occasions I had to use the Windows Seven Repair Disk to repair the BCD. But in simple case of restoration of an image no size increase in the disk the BCD does not become corrupt. But this is the first time in my computer history that upgrading the bios has corrupted the BCD. Can the BCD be repaired? Perhaps there is an error in the motherboard  who knows. It has also become complicated because of mutiple boot three Windows!

Check the tools of Paragon, several of them have the possibility to repair booting issues on Windows partitions. First try the free tools for example:
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SALEM586Author Commented:
Moreover boot is set on the SCSI HDD on which the Windows XP is installed. Vista &Seven were installed later on.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
brought me back to the old familiar multiple boot menu of XP, Vista and windows Seven. Since this was annoying I decided to get rid of it by upgrading the bios from Version 1108 to Version 1202.

The press f1 to continue or the multiple boot menu was annoying?

I could manage to boot to Windows XP in safe mode with networking

How?  Windows XP boot screen, or via the older boot screen and selecting Windows XP and hitting f8?

When you flash your bios the bios resets to default values.. ergo is your SCSI controller being recognized and is it set as the first boot device?
SALEM586Author Commented:
The press f1 button to continue was annoying because it was never there before. Perhaps I should have tolerated it because being a multiple boot system and Windows Seven and Vista being members of a domain there were more interruptions on the way
Windows XP in safe mode with the bios update but with the return to
old bios no need to go to safe mode
As said Windows XP is on a SCSI Drive. If the SCSI controller was not detecting it Windows XP would not be accessible. Yes the order of the SCSI boot is important  three drives being SCSI. If the order was of SCSI HDD with Windows Vista being the first boot , Windows XP will not boot. If the first boot was SCSI HDD with Windows Seven again Windows XP will not boot.
I spend 90% of my time on this machine on Windows Seven the legacy Windows contain  a few software which are not compatible with Seven. With Windows 8 around the corner even Seven would be relegated soon.
SALEM586Author Commented:
Having multiple boot system, having needless exotic SCSI Hard drives is just creating problems for one self really. Sata Drives like the Raptor & Black Caviar are adequate.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
ok so in diskmgmt.msc or dispart what is your disk layout
i.e. disk 0 partition 0 windows xp, partition 1 windows vista, partition 2 Windows 7
disk 1 partition 0 data
disk 2 ...

or is it more like
disk 0 windows xp
disk 1 windows vista
disk 2  windows 7
other disks data...

your bios has the option to ignore that error, or you simply set the floppy to disabled, default for bios is to halt and display f1 on all errors

The one I find a hoot is.. keyboard not detected, press f1 to continue..

BTW, you have the same question in 2 places which makes it hard to follow.

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SALEM586Author Commented:
All windows have separate Hard Disks so the second layout is more representative. I have some licensed software I shall try them out. My open question is the only question.
SALEM586Author Commented:
It gives me great pleasure and a sense of achievement when I with the help of this forum experts solve the question my self. I have done it quite a number of times here. But I do not take any thing away from these experts. I have learned a lot from them .They stimulate my thought processes.
I have Dual Boot Pro a very small but very valuable software. I was using it to manage the multiple boot of Windows here. You see only the first operating system was accessible .i.e. XP. I installed Vista some years after XP as it was a long wait between XP and Vista. Windows installs the bootloader into XP as well as I found out today. I booted Windows XP and installed the Dual Boot Pro software and then with it  first reinstalled the Bootloader into the drive on which Windows Vista was installed. It did not work as Vista & Seven were still unbootable. Then suiddenly I had a brainwave lets install the Windows Vista/Seven bootloader into the Hard drive on which XP is installed. And Lo! it worked. I am at present working from Windows Seven.
Lets hope that the solution on this forum will help others internationally.
I am pleased that Rindi offered some comments he with Nobus used to comment on my posts when I had joined Experts Exchange. Ve30fa gives  good and valuable comments on my posts.
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