IP address will not resolve to Domain Name

Hey everyone,
I have my company website, midstatemutual.com but several locations seem to find 404 page errors and Im not sure why.

I found that the actual IP address,, will not work either. Wondering if this is the overall problem?
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Have you checked the setting on your firewall to pass port 80 traffic and ping? Was it working previously and just stopped? Any setting changes on your firewall? Any updates to Windows?
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Is it possible the non-working locations are being blocked somehow?

Can these locations ping your router, or some other service/server that should be available to the public?
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Also, what happens if one of these locations does a tracert to
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The problem may be external to you, there may be an issue with the DNS servers populating your sites name and IP address, you can check this with nslookup at any site where you detect the problem, but if your IP address also fails to respond then there may be an issue with your server or your ISP, only if it isn´t your firewall as mentioned above.
Hi Greg,

When you say locations, do you mean locations accessing the site over the internet or local network? Also are you hosting your own DNS or relying on someone elses (like your ISP's or hosting companies)

A guide to setting up DNS records for your website can be found on Microsoft.

I hope this helps,

I would have not posted your IP address or at least hide it.  I did a whois and it does resolve to the name you specified.  I guess you would have to be more specific on the issue.  I was able to hit the address and it brought me to your website.  If you are looking at links to other pages being broken its probably because they haven't been uploaded or the re-direct link is incorrect.  Check with your web developer.
gregjarvisAuthor Commented:
by locations i mean individual people reporting that they cannot access the website. it is random and rare but it has seemed to happen after moving the DNS hosting to GoDaddy.com.

if i use something like this, for example, it will not find midstatemutual.com
although all other websites i try work...

i just know something is a little off and not sure at what level the error lies at. i will investigate the DNS records further
How long ago did you move to godaddy? a nslookup on your domain resolves to your IP as someone else also stated above. have you done any troubleshooting with the users who are unable to access the site? It may be caused by an issue with the servers they are using for name resolution
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
I agree - this is an issue with the propogation of your DNS information.  If it's been only a couple days since you moved to GoDaddy, wait a day or two to see if it goes away.  

If it's been longer than a couple days, let them know there's a problem.  It will be useful to know what DNS servers are being used by the people who can't get to your web site.

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gregjarvisAuthor Commented:
ok, i will submit an issue to godaddy; it has been several months so there shouldn't be a problem at this point. i will report back, thanks guys
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