High respons times

I just turned on an alert for high response times on my network and I'm getting alot of alerts for high ping times. What could be causing this? It's probably different reasons for different things but what should I start checking to troubleshoot this. I'm getting high ping times on routers, switches, and servers.
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Matt VCommented:
What constitutes a high ping time for you alert?  Are we talking 300ms or 3 seconds?
knfitzAuthor Commented:
anything above 25 ms I get an alert for. I'm seeing most of them between 50 and 150ms. I've seen it as high as 700ms.
Matt VCommented:
What kind of connections are between the affected hardware?  Is it all on a 100MBps or 1GBps network?
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knfitzAuthor Commented:
knfitzAuthor Commented:
any ideas?
Matt VCommented:
Do you have a lot of traffic routing through one 100Mbps connection somewhere?
knfitzAuthor Commented:
No, its a large network with alot of connections. I'm not getting any utilization problems in my alerts right now
Matt VCommented:
Any chance you have a switch loop somewhere, where a switch is connected into the fabric twice.  Might be a spanning tree issue.
knfitzAuthor Commented:
its possible. is there an easy way to check for a loop? most of them are in remote sites. how do I check for a spannin tree issue?
Matt VCommented:
So are these ping time issues between remote sites are all within a local site?

If they are between remote sites, what kind of link is between the sites.
knfitzAuthor Commented:
it is both remote sites and local sites. The remote sites are using MPLS circuits.
Matt VCommented:
So if I am understanding correctly,

1. The local sites pinging locally have latency
2. Pinging between remote sites has latency

Is there a common device all of this traffic is going through?
Steve JenningsSr Manager Cloud Networking OpsCommented:
Do the high response time pings come at the same time or are they random, throughout the reporting period? Is it a single ping or repeated pings that show high response time?

Personally, I don't place too much importance on ping latency because, as you note, there are too many reasons why latency would be high and no real starting point for trouble shooting. If you are pinging from device A through device B, and C to hit device D and a ping response time is 500ms, it could be due to issues on any one of the devices either outbound or inbound. If device D is a server, it could simply be busy.

The other problem with ping is that you shouldn't tune your network to improve ping response time, unless of course your network traffic is largely made up of small, ping-size packets.

On the other hand, pings with NO response can be useful.

I would be more interested in socket setup times . . . like, open a connection to port 80 on your web server (or whatever port on whatever application you run) and monitor that.

Good luck,

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