sql server 2008 log file ending in_1 instead of _log, why, can I change back to log?

I was trying to truncate log file using the following which has worked in the past:


But I find some of the databases log files end in _log and other end in _1.  How did the _1 get assigned.  When I change the file name in the DBCC command to _1 it does not work.

Can I rename the log file from _1 to _log? and change this in the Properties->File for the database?   Does this cause any other issues?

Need better understanding of why this is happening and how to correct?
Thanks, Bill
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Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
>> Can I rename the log file from _1 to _log?  Does this cause any other issues? <<
Yes, you can change the logical file name.  No, it does not cause any other issues.

>> change this in the Properties->File for the database? <<
I wouldn't.  I would use SQL statements so you can easily generate them and do them all at once any time you need to.

This should generate the commands you need to rename all _1 logical log file names to the new names.
Copy the results of this command into a query window and run it -- after verifying the cmds look right, of course :-) .

    'ALTER DATABASE [' + DB_NAME(database_id) + '] ' +
    'MODIFY FILE ( NAME = [' + name + '], NEWNAME = [' + LEFT(RTRIM(name), LEN(name) - 2) + 'log] ); '
FROM sys.master_files mf
    type_desc = 'LOG' AND
    name LIKE '%[_]1'
wmlbillAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the query,  I really need to understand how and why this happened?
Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
Likely the default name was somehow changed; look at the model db and see what its logical log file name is.

Or someone built commands to create new dbs and they used "_1" instead of "_log".

Or someone restored dbs and they had a different name.

The logical name really doesn't mean anything.  You really shouldn't use that to control processing anyway.  It can be changed at any time.
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wmlbillAuthor Commented:
so why did my dbcc with _1 at the end work?

What should I use instead of the logical name to control processing?
Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
You can use the file_id (file#) in the DBCC command:

DECLARE @file_id int

SELECT @file_id = file_id
FROM sys.master_files
    database_id = DB_ID(N'CUSTOMER') AND
    type_desc = 'LOG'

DBCC SHRINKFILE(@file_id, 1)

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Ramesh Babu VavillaCommented:
use database
sp_helpdb 'database_Name'
then copy the log file
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