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I want to develop a website in app and a Universal(iPad/iPhone App).

It should be B2B web site where each company should have separate with respect to data UI.

Can anyone assist on it i.e. how to develop website in

Best Regards,
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shalomcConnect With a Mentor CTOCommented:

You have a lot of learning to do.
Start by opening a free developer account at There are online courses and demos in the developer resources web site.
You can also get the " for Dummies" book, it helped me..

The internal language used by SalesForce resembles Java more than anything else, so some Java skills are handy.
So are basic web application design skills, including html, css, javascript and database planning.
MohitPanditAuthor Commented:
do you have any link for dummies book for
MohitPanditAuthor Commented:
Thanks for sharing information whatever you have
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